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My husband is 64 and has an essential tremor in his hands. The doctor can only suggest beta blockers which he does not want to take. What supplements or herbal remedies can he take to help manage his symptoms?

Studies indicate that an essential tremor may be linked to a lack of dopamine receptors in the brain or dopamine breakdown. It might be prudent to consider a supplement such as Dopa Mind which contains an extract of green oats known to prevent dopamine breakdown.  It might also be prudent to consider taking a magnesium supplement should the symptoms not improve, since magnesium relaxes the nervous system and is crucial for its optimal function. 

My granddaughter, who is 32, has been diagnosed, for the second time this year, with a kidney infection. She has been a vegan for the past ten years and is normally fit and healthy. Please, can you suggest something to help, as normal antibiotics don’t seem to be working?

I would suggest that your granddaughter take Waterfall D-Mannose tablets at a dose of one tablet twice a day for two or three months. D-Mannose is a long chain carbohydrate that is totally insoluble throughout the body and it may take the infective bacteria with it as it passes through the kidneys, helping to prevent recurrent infections. Since it is insoluble in the body, it is totally safe for ongoing use.

I have been diagnosed with Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissues. I have always had Raynauds and Varicose Veins and I was wondering if the ginger warming cream would help.

Capsicum and Ginger Warming Cream is perfectly safe to use for Raynauds and for varicose veins helping to enhance localised circulation. This should not present a problem with scleroderma where inflammation from within is scarring the tissues.  You might wish to consider taking Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex which contains three compounds from turmeric that are known to reduce inflammation without boosting the immune system. These compounds also work to slightly thin the blood and therefore help Raynauds and varicose veins too. 


I’m 55 and wear contacts and glasses and would like to keep my eyes as healthy as I can. I looked at all your vitamins for eyes and I don’t know which is best for me. Could you please advise?

Nutrof Total is a supplement that contains nutrients that have been the subject of two major continuing studies called AREDS and AREDS2, which show that these nutrients, together with Omega 3, help to maintain healthy eyes and possibly protect against a variety of possible age-related eye disorders. 

My daughter keeps getting thrush and Bacterial vaginosis; what can she take to restore a healthy pH in her vagina?

Thrush and Bacterial vaginosis often occur when the pH of the lining of the vaginal walls changes due to a change in the female hormones. I suggest eradicating the infective organisms using Candipure for a couple of months whilst taking a probiotic supplement such as Mega Probio on an ongoing basis at a dose of one capsule twice a day. The idea is that the Candipure will eradicate the bacteria and fungi, whilst the probiotic supplement prevents any species from thriving. 

I am 48 and on HRT but currently I am struggling with anxiety.  It is mostly before I fall asleep and sometimes if I wake during the night. Is there anything you would recommend? 

Anxiety and other stress symptoms are associated with increased cortisol and other adrenal hormones. It seems that your cortisol levels are not going down sufficiently at the moment in order for you to enjoy restful sleep. I would recommend that you take Magnolia Rhodiola at a dose of one capsule in the morning and one capsule an hour before bedtime.
Magnolia extracts help to physically relax muscles and nerves as well as reducing cortisol and other adrenal stress hormones. Rhodiola works to enhance the uptake of the neuronutrient serotonin which is a mood elevator and nerve calming chemical, and L-theanine (part of the formulation) is an amino acid that works to enhance alpha waves. Alpha waves relax the mind and, so enable us to switch off.

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