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I have gallstones and occasional biliary colic. Are there any suggestions to help support my gallbladder and to help avoid biliary colic?

Although we do not fully understand why gallstones form, there are some valid reasons, one of which is that primarily when cholesterol and other matter bind together, they become more solid and can lodge in the lining of the gallbladder developing into gallstones. Since a gallstone contains fatty deposits (cholesterol is a fat), these need to be broken down using a lecithin supplement which emulsifies all fats which in the long run is going to gradually help to prevent the colic-type pain.

For the short term, there are many tips regarding diet which involves having an anti-inflammatory diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, ensuring healthy fibre is part of this.  Try to consider a milk thistle supplement which in addition to soya lecithin helps liver function, bile production and helps reduce cholesterol in bile.

My family is fighting a head lice epidemic since January. My eldest, who is 9 years old, keeps getting infested at school, which results in me and my youngest, 2 years old, being infested with lice as well. I have tried everything under the sun. For the youngest one, not all products are suitable. What could you recommend for getting rid of it once and for all?

The whole family need to use Lemon Myrtle Liquid Soap (or add one drop of lemon myrtle oil to a shampoo of your choice, but frankly this takes too long) which is suitable for use as a shampoo and even as a body wash. Lemon Myrtle displays potent antimicrobial and germicide properties and the trick for using this shampoo will be to leave it on the scalp for a couple of minutes before rinsing and then combing hair to remove lice and nits.

Are you able to recommend anything for a shingles diagnosis. Pain and ongoing skin healing being my key concerns at the moment.

For the pain that accompanies shingles, I tend to recommend Organic White Willow capsules which contain natural ingredients such as salicin to ease pain.  Topically, please spray Hydrosol Silver Spray. Silver displays potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial & anti-viral properties and it is this combination that helps to encourage quicker healing of skin. 


My partner has a big dental procedure coming up soon, where she will have several amalgam fillings taken out and replaced in a short space of time. I believe there are a number of health implications of this, including the release of mercury and other heavy metals, and exposure to anaesthetic. Are there any supplements, as well as any other tips, that you would recommend to help her body process all of this? 

I tend to recommend a specific supplement which works to remove heavy metals found in amalgam fillings that may be released into the body. The supplement of choice is NAC, the dose is one daily and your partner can take this from now and for at least a month post procedure. It is a totally safe amino acid and can be taken alongside most medications.  I would also recommend gargling with hypochlorous. This solution, used by many dentists, works to kill pathogen residing in the pockets of gum tissues and additionally this mouthwash calms down inflamed tissues helping to aid the recovery process.

Over the last month I’ve developed patches of what looks like eczema above both eyes, affecting the eyelid and skin below the eyebrow. The skin is red and slightly itchy, can you recommend a solution?

Eyelid eczema is a common concern often due to dehydration in the delicate eye tissues. Please use Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel twice a day. This eye gel hydrates skin and also contains cardiospermum, a herbal extract known to calm inflammation associated with eczema and dermatitis. 

My husband is lactose intolerant and hasn’t had any dairy for many years. His nails are now breaking very easily. I guess that even after trying to get enough calcium through diet he needs supplements. Can you recommend any that are gentle on the stomach?

Whilst calcium is important for healthy bones, nails and teeth, it is silica that imparts strength to these structures being integral alongside calcium and various other minerals. If you feel that your husband is not getting sufficient calcium from his diet then perhaps he can take a supplement containing three types of bioavailable calcium together with silica, which is formulated to strengthen bones and joint tissues. It will also be beneficial for strong nails.


My son, 28, has dandruff which he is struggling to control having tried many different shampoos and conditioners. I swear by Fulvic Acid Shampoo for my own hair but have never suffered with dandruff so am not sure whether he should try this or if you have another, more suitable product for him. Would you please explain what causes dandruff and what would be your best recommendation?

There are several causes for dandruff which include dry skin on the scalp, eczema or psoriasis of the scalp and sensitivity to hair products. However, the most common cause for persistent dandruff is the overgrowth of yeast-like fungus which causes inflammation leading to the shedding of cells on the scalp. I would recommend that your son uses Fulvic Acid Shampoo and adds a pump full of Azelaic Acid to this.  Azelaic Acid displays powerful anti-fungal properties helping to combat a wide variety of skin and scalp concerns associated with fungal infections. I would ensure that your son leaves the Fulvic Shampoo, containing some azelaic acid, on the scalp for a couple of minutes before rinsing off to allow the actives to work.

If I’m looking for hydration, how do I choose between Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid?

Skin is composed of both water and oil (oil as ceramides in between skin cells that prevent dehydration). Unfortunately, most people and many manufacturers use the wrong terminology to describe hydration. Hydration is only about water and so Squalane, a light oil, does not hydrate but moisturises skin with the fatty acids that also help to build ceramides used to prevent loss of water. Hyaluronic Acid Serum hydrates skin, which is replenishing water in cells to plump them and help soften fine lines.  Ideally you should use Hyaluronic Acid Serum and follow it with Pure Squalane Oil.

My 23 year old son has been taking medication over many years for acid reflux. He's not happy about it as he worries it will cause other problems down the line.  Is there anything more suitable that would help his issue?

I would suggest that your son uses Centaurium Tincture which is safe for long-term use and enhances the production of digestive enzymes to break down the food. It is theorised that many people who complain of acid reflux do not overproduce stomach acid, but actually they produce less and this leads to incomplete breakdown of food which in turn leads to acid reflux symptoms.  I would also suggest that he takes a quality food-state multivitamin which is gentle on the stomach, easily broken down and being food-state, the nutrients are utilised more effectively than synthetic vitamins.


I have noticed during the first few days of my period I am at my most happiest, my mood is good, I feel positive. Would it be possible please for Shabir let me know why this is and if there is a supplement you can take to help feel this all month? I was guessing it might be an increase in a certain hormone?

The first two weeks at the start of your period are called the follicular phase and women tend to find that this phase is the happiest phase. This is because levels of oestradiol increase in the body which tends to dampen down levels of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. It is of course slightly more complex than this because other hormones are also involved. You can take a natural supplement to reduce cortisol levels in the body such as Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. Magnolia extracts physically relax muscles and nerves as well as helping to reduce levels of stress hormones; Rhodiola works to elevate mood by increasing serotonin uptake by the brain, and theanine works to relax the mind.

 I have read that chromium may be beneficial in helping control sugar cravings. Please can you tell me if this is correct and if so, which form is best? If there are any other supplements you recommend for sugar control, I would love to hear about them.

Chromium is indeed a mineral that helps insulin sensitivity and therefore works to prevent sugar cravings gradually. Lamberts GTF Chromium contains chromium picolinate which is well absorbed by the body.  For people with intense cravings for sugar-laden foods, Keto Living Sugar Control contains chromium together with herbs that work in synergy to metabolise the sugar effectively, curb appetite and support healthy glucose levels. 

I need to find something to settle my acid, and the bloated uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It has been more noticeable after eating bread and cheese lately, something I have reduced over the years.  What can I take to ease this feeling?

Digestive enzyme production certainly declines with age, so this means that we simply cannot digest food easily, especially gluten and wheat, which are already very hard to digest. Out of all the digestive enzymes supplements, I suggest that you try a gentle but very effective supplement called Digest Complete. This breaks down all food groups and you should take one capsule with each main meal, so if lunch is light then perhaps just the evening meal and then gauge if you need to take two capsules daily.  The addition of Mega Probiotic ND would be beneficial, not only for digestion but for a number of other processes such as detoxification and immunity.


I am recovering from pneumonia. Colloidal Silver has been recommended to clear the mucus and protect the lungs from further infection. What is your view? How much should I take and for how long?

Silver for internal use should be treated like antibiotics, short courses for minor infections and longer courses for chronic infections.  However, there are better remedies to clear the mucus such as A. Vogel’s Ivy Thyme Complex.  Ivy displays soothing properties on the linings of the lungs, whilst thyme extracts contains volatile oils which are antimicrobial and help ease breathing.  Ivy Thyme Complex can be taken for much longer periods, however if you wish to take silver drops then please use ten sprays daily of Hydrosol Silver Spray for ten days.

I have recently been diagnosed with osteopenia. My GP can’t prescribe calcium supplements as I am taking Indapamide for high blood pressure. I have been told to take vitamin D but don’t feel this is enough. I have been looking for a multivitamin that does not contain calcium but have had no luck.  Can you suggest any other supplements that may help me.

Indapamide does raise calcium levels in the bloodstream, so what we need to do is to take this calcium and deposit it onto the bone framework. Vitamin K2 helps enhance the production of osteocalcin, which is a protein that deposits calcium onto the bone framework. For further information, please read the linked article on Vitamin K2 and its benefits. 

I am taking Superior Joints and noticed that you don’t have Black Pepper or Boswellia serrata listed in the ingredients.  I’d like to ask Shabir what he thinks about Boswellia and whether he considered adding it to this formulation.

Boswellia is one of the oldest anti-inflammatory herbs and whilst I did think about using it initally, I decided against it because Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) at 500 mg strength has been clinically evaluated to help relieve the pain of arthritic joints. Adding Boswellia to the formulation would have meant using a smaller amount of NEM which I did not wish to do. Additionally, the other ingredients all play a vital part, for example Hyaluronic Acid helps cushion the cartilage, whilst Turmeric and Ginger enhance circulation around the joints to help remove acids that cause pain and stiffness. Black Pepper was not required as ginger helps digestion too.


Is Ionicell the same as taking a collagen supplement? Or do I need both?

Ionicell provides 65+ minerals in an ionic form and works to provide multiple benefits for the whole body including enhancing collagen manufacture. Although Ionicell enhances collagen production, it is important to take a separate collagen supplement if you can, since the body's needs for collagen increases as we age.

Are there any supplements and/or external applications my 10 year old could take to help ease eczema and hay fever, please?

Eczema and hay fever are often concerns that occur together, particularly in children. For hay fever, I would suggest Luffa Complex Drops at a dose of one drop per year of age, three times a day. Luffa works by desensitizing the nasal membranes so there is less likelihood of irritation and histamine production.  With reference to eczema, please apply Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream, which is a steroid-free cream, helping to soothe, comfort and calm inflamed skin.  Additionally, please increase dietary intake of oily fish or use a supplement to tackle dry skin and inflammation within.  Omega 3’s are essential to prevent the dehydration of skin, which lead to inflammation. 

Can you let me know the benefits of Berberine as I have been told that it helps blood sugar levels and I wanted to know your thoughts.

Berberine is a natural compound found in plants such as Barberry. Research has shown that Berberine helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and so is of value in concerns where sugar control is important, notably for those with sugar cravings, weight gain, high cholesterol and PCOS sufferers. Please do not use Berberine if you are taking diabetic medications.


I suffer from water retention and my feet and ankles are constantly swollen, is there a natural solution?

There are many causes for fluid retention which includes weak valves inside veins, excess salt intake & certain medications. Dandelion, Uva Ursi & Buchu Leaf are well known traditional herbs that helps remove excess water from the body acting as a herbal diuretic for water retention. These herbs are mineral rich which means they replenish the loss of minerals when water is eliminated from the body. Please use this for a few weeks and if this persists then go and see your GP to rule out any health concerns. 

My libido is on the floor and in all honesty it has been for some time.  Do you have a recommendation?

The South American herb Maca root is often recommended to help enhance energy, vitality and help hormonal balance. It has also been the subject of small studies indicating that it may help to boost sex drive in women with low libido and would be worth trying. Viridian’s Maca Root provides a good strength of the complete herb with its numerous compounds. 

I have started to get very dry, sore and red patches on my chest, around my mouth and around my eyes, although I haven’t changed any of the products I use.  This is very uncomfortable, do you have any suggestions?

Assuming that you have not changed any of your skincare products, detergents or bathing products, then this could be caused by either something you have come in contact with, or a build-up allergy.  I would recommend that you take Stinging Nettle drops which work to inhibit histamine, reduce inflammation and ease the symptoms of allergies. Topically, please use Organic Aloe Vera Gel to help ease the redness and calm inflammation, helping to encourage skin healing.


I have been suffering from Vertigo approximately every six months and wondered if there are any supplements that would help?

Ginkgo biloba is a Chinese herb known for helping to reduce the symptoms of Vertigo.  It works by managing blood flow to the brain to help relieve dizziness and balance issues. Sipping Ginger Tea may also help with nausea associated with Vertigo

I have recently been diagnosed with having high blood pressure in my eyes, is there a natural solution for this issue?

High blood pressure in the eyes can lead to damage to the retina and the optic nerve causing visual disturbances. Prescription eye drops are the most common treatment that work to lower eye blood pressure and you can support this with Eye Pressure Support with Mirtogenol which has been shown to reduce eye blood pressure either on its own or when used alongside prescribed eye drops.

The inside membranes of my nose get dry and uncomfortable, particularly at night.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

This is a common problem which can be due to a variety of possible causes.  I recommend using Lanolips 101 Ointment every night as this will help to prevent dehydration, moisturise the nasal membranes and help calm inflammation.  Providing medical-grade lanolin, 101 Ointment is hypoallergenic.


Can you please recommend a natural product to help recurrent bouts of cystitis?

Cranberries contain two specific group of compounds called proanthocyanins and hippuric acid. Hippuric acid displays antibacterial properties whilst proanthocyanins have an anti-adhesive effect on the bladder walls helping to remove the bacteria that reside in this area. This helps to reduce their numbers and so prevent recurrent bouts, but eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice is not sufficient as they naturally contain sugar which may encourage the bacteria to thrive. A supplement containing an extract of North American cranberries called Cysticlean has been shown to break the cycle of recurrent urinary tract infections when taken for three or more months.

What would you recommend as a mood helper?  I feel low in the mornings, but better during the day.  I know about St John’s Wort, but is there anything else herbal wise?

Without doubt the supplement of choice for low mood and for the symptoms of anxiety and stress is Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. This is a supplement that contains extracts of magnolia bark, known to physically relax the body and reduce stress hormones. Rhodiola works to enhance serotonin uptake by the brain and Theanine works to help relax the mind. This supplement works quickly and has no side effects, unlike St John’s Wort, and it will not cause drowsiness.

I am suffering from a loss of smell, is there anything that can help?

The loss of smell is often associated with respiratory infections and this usually occurs because the infective viruses cause the membranes in the nose to become inflamed. Studies indicate that there may be a localised zinc deficiency in the cells lining the nose and that taking a zinc supplement may encourage a quicker recovery. I would recommend that you try Zinc Complex by Terranova which contains zinc glycinate, a highly absorbable form of zinc.


Which is the best iron supplement? I have been taking a supplement which contains iron, but I was rejected by the blood donation people as I was just under the limit for ferritin. I have bursitis and the consultant told me not to eat red meat more than once every two weeks.

Iron needs to be converted into ionic form of iron and then this form needs to be converted into ferritin by bonding with a protein. These processes are challenging so I recommend Ionic Iron** which cuts out the first step and provides the body with the most utilisable form of iron which can be utilised to make ferritin, red blood cells and haemoglobin, all of which are vital for the optimal function of the body.

I heard that Passiflora can help with migraines, do you agree and would it work for menstrual migraines?

Passiflora is a nerve relaxant and may be of benefit for all types of headaches and migraines. The most common cause of migraines, especially menstrual migraines, is a deficiency of magnesium since magnesium is used in over 300 biochemical reactions and is also vital for female hormone synthesis. I would recommend a combination of magnesium and Passiflora, such as Extend Release Magnesium which provides short term and long term benefits of magnesium from nerve relaxation to energy production.

I have a white coating on my tongue and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I have used a tongue scraper now for a couple of years, twice a day, but it just returns daily and I don’t have thrush. Any advice please?

Although a white tongue is commonly associated with candida or thrush, there are other causes which include lichen planus, dry mouth syndrome and dehydration. Since you are using a tongue cleaner, and assuming that your intake of water is sufficient on a daily basis, I suggest that we ensure that the digestive system breaks down nutrients to prevent any deficiencies and toxins using a simple digestive enzyme supplement such as Digest Complete. This helps to prevent the digestive system from being burdened, helping to lessen digestive and nutrient deficiencies which all show up on the tongue.


I am developing an increasing number of small red spots which are slightly raised, almost like blood blisters.  I understand these are called cherry angiomas.  Is there anything to reduce the ones I already have and prevent or slow new ones developing?

We do not fully understand the causal factors for cherry angiomas, however a less than optimal function of the liver, genetics and vitamin C deficiency are all implicated. I suggest that you take Milk Thistle Liver Complex by HealthAid. This supplement contains a trio of liver cleansing herbs that will cleanse and purify the bloodstream of toxins that cause these small skin cell growths that line the blood vessels. Topically, many people report positive benefits dabbing the area/s with apple cider vinegar once daily.

Which hair products would you recommend to help hair thinning?  I have heard that Rosemary oil is useful, but would welcome your advice.

Rosemary oil may help to enhance hair growth, but it is not without problems since massaging the scalp with oils can cause clogging of the follicles, possibly leading to further thinning.  I would recommend that you use Fulvic Mist either every night, or at least twice a week.  Fulvic Mist contains Fulvic Acid which helps nourish the scalp with 65+ minerals and trace elements to encourage hair growth and to help calm down underlying inflammation that causes the thinning of hair, and possibly hair loss.

How can I get rid of the warts on my hand?

Common warts are tiny skin growths, rough to the touch and are caused by a virus. Whatever the type of wart, take Lamberts L-Lysine supplement since this amino acid blocks arginine, which the virus uses for replication. L-Lysine also helps to support the immune system which helps shorten recovery times for all types of infections. 


Many dermatologists freeze a wart using liquid nitrogen, especially those resistant to chemical treatment. Fortunately, this principle is now available in an at-home device called Forwarts Wart Remover Precision Freeze Spray. This medical device sprays a precise amount of cooling gas to freeze the wart to its core.

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