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I suffer from migraines. I am on a preventive treatment but have also heard that magnesium oxide could be a good idea and wonder what you think about this please?
Magnesium oxide and many other magnesium compounds will all be of benefit to varying degree in preventing and treating migraines. Magnesium deficiencies are extraordinarily common and I would recommend that you take one capsule daily of Magnesium Complex which provides magnesium oxide together with several other magnesium compounds which provides the hundreds of benefits magnesium is involved in.
Will Diosmin Plus help with anal fissures or can you recommend anything else?
Viridian Organic Horse Chestnut Balm is an excellent topical used for the fast relief of pain, itching, swelling and discomfort as a result of fissures in the anal area. I would also recommend the amino acid L-Arginine HCl. Arginine is a very important amino acid which displays multiple benefits to the body including enhanced circulation, and so is cardioprotective, as well as supporting the immune system. There are several studies which have concluded that oral supplementation of L-arginine at high doses could heal the wound and improve clinical symptoms. I suggest a dose of one tablet three times a day, preferably away from food.
I am going through quite a tough time at the moment and I’m feeling a little down. I have taken St John’s Wart in the past, but I’m now on Tamoxifen and you can’t take St John’s Wort with Tamoxifen. I’ve seen lots of recommendations for anxiety supplementation, but I don’t feel anxious just a little down. Additionally, I’m not sure what I can take with my medication.
It might be prudent for you to take Terranova Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C at a dose of one capsule twice a day. The B complex vitamins display a multitude of benefits which include energy enhancement, drive by enhancing dopamine levels, nerve calming and enhance what we call ‘the stress response’, which is the ability of the body to deal with symptoms of feeling a bit under the weather. These vitamins do not have oestrogenic properties, which would be contraindicated with Tamoxifen, so I would recommend this supplement which is food-derived for maximum utilisation of both these vitamins. Please take a couple of hours away from Tamoxifen just to be prudent.
My son-in-law has been suffering with a severe cracked heel, to the extent that it has been bleeding. Can you explain the cause for this and a solution?
Often, dry cracked heels are associated with a lack of essential fatty acids in one's diet because it is EFA’s that help to manufacture ceramides which, in turn, help to moisturise skin. Omega-7s are very important for dry skin and they can be taken without any side effects. Cracked Heel Treatment with a blend of several butters, oils and chemical exfoliators, would be a topical solution.
I was wondering if you had a recommendation for Skeeter Syndrome, which is a severe reaction to mosquito bites.
Conventional treatment for a severe allergic reaction involves the use of antihistamines, topical creams and allergy shots. Certainly, nettle extracts work to inhibit histamine as well as eliminate a variety of toxins, which is why they are often used for allergies and may prove to be useful.
The skin on my arms is very thin. If I knock against something a blood blister comes up. How can I strengthen my skin?
You should ideally introduce bioflavonoids, also known as Vitamin P, into your regimen. Rutin is a great source of bioflavonoids which work to strengthen all soft tissues in the body such as capillaries, arteries, veins, as well as skin prone to bruising. Take one tablet twice a day of Rutin and Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids which contains other bioflavonoids together with vitamin C to further support skin health.
My grandchildren, aged 11-15, are all suffering very badly from Hay Fever. The usual suspects are puffy eyes, stuffy or runny nose, difficulty breathing, coughs and feeling totally run down. The 15-year-old will soon start on his GCSEs. Most antihistamines proved useless. Can you please suggest a strategy that will make their lives easier for the next few months?
Aller-DMG is suitable for children over 12 years so this supplement is the most comprehensive one to inhibit histamine production, calm inflammation in the respiratory tract and has proven to be beneficial. If the 11-year-old is of a healthy weight, or big boned, then I see no problem using this supplement too. My second recommendation sounds a bit messy, but using Haymax in the nostrils reduces the amount of pollen lodging onto the nasal membranes and so mitigates the allergy to some extent.
My partner has gastrological issues where his body seems unable to break down fats. Although he's seen a number of consultants, who have put him on Creon and Esomeprazole, we haven't found a solution that works. Is there anything you can recommend please?
Creon is normally used for people who cannot manufacture digestive enzymes in particular lipase for digesting fats. I guess that the proton pump inhibitor is not ideal because on one hand it is trying to stop acid production, but stopping acid means that your digestion does not begin. I believe that your partner should use a digestive enzyme supplement which contains all the enzymes to break down proteins (improper breakdown of proteins is often responsible for reflux) and also contains lipase for fats.
Please could you recommend a product for my mother who appears to have a rather nasty bout of gout. She is 76-years-old and is on high blood pressure medication, she is also pre-diabetic.
Gout is a form of arthritis where uric acid deposits around the joints tissues, particularly on the feet causing pain and discomfort. The supplement Uric Acid Control will help to reduce levels of uric acid and so alleviate pain and the destruction that this acid causes to our joint tissues. It can be used on an ongoing basis to also help reduce recurrences. Uric Acid Control is deemed to be safe for those taking blood pressure medications and for pre-diabetics. As always take any supplement, including Uric Acid Control, a couple of hours away from any medication just to be prudent.
At the end of last year in a routine eye test I was told that I had early-stage Glaucoma. I take Sea Buckthorn and Hyaluronic Acid and I wondered if I should be taking anything else.
There are a number of causes for elevated blood pressure in the eye but primarily it is associated with an abnormality in the eye's drainage system which can cause fluid build-up that leads to pressure build-up that can lead to damage to the optic nerve. The supplement Eye Pressure Support contains a patented extract from Bilberries to inhibit the increase in blood pressure whilst Pycnogenol enhances circulation to make the flow of all fluids easier, hopefully maintaining healthy blood pressure. Both of these nutrients display powerful anti-inflammatory benefits which may also offer protection for the eyes.
Please could you advise on supplementation that would help with histamine intolerance.
Whilst aimed at seasonal allergies such as Hay Fever, Stinging Nettle Drops do work to inhibit histamine and so I would recommend these drops. Vitamin C, taken at the correct dose, is a potent natural antihistamine and this provides the capability of mitigating histamine and at the same time nourishing the body with this vitamin because most of us have sub-optimal levels.
My son is in his final weeks of school ahead of A-levels and is starting to get very tired. Is there anything he can take to help boost his mental & physical energy during this stressful period?
This is a very common question at this time of the year with exams looming so I would be inclined to take a supplement called Daily Energy which contains a blend of herbs that work to enhance both physical and mental energy. Daily Energy also helps the body to strengthen the stress response which is the body's ability to cope with stress and anxiety symptoms.
My daughter is 44 and suffers from a few female problems, including endometriosis, and she has a low immune system. She has been plagued with cold sores on her nose. Can you recommend anything that might help her?
Certainly, oestrogen dominance responsible for endometriosis, like many other female hormones, does have widespread ramifications on the body including affecting the immune system. Low immunity means that we are all susceptible to infections from bacteria and viruses. I am unsure if she is being treated for endometriosis, but I think we can certainly enhance the immune system using a supplement such as Daily Immunity. This supplement contains herbs that enhance specialised white blood cells that attack pathogens, probiotics to enhance immunoglobulins which are antigen type compounds, Vitamins C, D3 and zinc for their varying roles to support the immune system. I would also suggest that your daughter takes L-Lysine 1000mg. Lysine is an amino acid that blocks the ability of the herpes virus to replicate and in doing this it helps to treat cold sores quickly.
Can you offer any advice on gynecomastia? My fifteen year old has suffered for three years with no improvement. Are there any supplements he can take?
In the vast majority of cases, gynecomastia is associated with elevated levels of prolactin and oestrogen and low levels of testosterone, but taking herbs like tribulus (which enhances testosterone) may not necessarily be the answer as in some cases, the body reacts to increased testosterone by producing more oestrogen to achieve hormone balance. I think it is better to work on oestrogen metabolism such as DIM, Calcium-D glucarate and perhaps choline.

DIM is a phytonutrient found in kale, sprouts broccoli which works on shifting the pathways of oestrogen metabolism to one that is least likely to cause side effects associated with oestrogen dominance such as weight changes, fatigue, gynecomastia and acne. Calcium D-Glucarate is a compound that is known to help aid the detoxification process of oestrogen and its elimination. Both are available in one supplement as per link below. Choline donates methyl groups to oestrogen molecules. This results in the oestrogen molecules becoming weaker and may prove to be effective. The dose is three capsules in divided doses daily.
I'm looking for advice on how to manage short-term severe stress. I've felt under the weather for the past few weeks, and feel as though I have an impending cold and sore throat. I woke up at the weekend with a red itchy rash across my forehead along and feel completely exhausted.
The symptoms you describe point to what is termed adrenal stress or adrenal exhaustion. At times of severe stress, the adrenals over-produce cortisol which causes the symptoms of stress but is also responsible for a myriad of other symptoms which vary, but since it is inflammatory in nature, it is not unusual to get rashes. Whilst the adrenals are busy producing stress hormones, they do not produce sufficient energising enzymes and hormones resulting in tiredness and fatigue. I am going to recommend two supplements which may be of value in addressing this quickly and I have to assume that you do not take mood modifying medications nor have uncontrolled high blood pressure.

​Firstly please take Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, one capsule twice a day. Magnolia extracts work to reduce levels of stress hormones and physically relax muscles and nerves; Rhodiola works to enhance serotonin uptake by the brain which elevates mood, and theanine in the supplement works to enhance alpha waves which relax the mind and conversely help with focus and concentration. I would also recommend that you take Sibergin, one capsule in the morning. Sibergin contains a high strength of Siberian ginseng which stimulates the adrenals to produce their energising enzymes and hormones. This herb also helps enhance the body's stress response which is basically the body's ability to deal with stress. For the majority, an increase in energy is experienced within days of taking this supplement, but of course this again depends upon the levels of stress hormones.
I have suffered from rhinitis now for over twelve months and antihistamines don’t seem to help at all. This condition is really getting me down as it is constant, please can you help?
There are many causal factors for rhinitis which include pet dander, fungal spores in the air, pollen and dust mites to name a few. The supplement Aller-DMG is a supplement which works to inhibit histamine and to reduce inflammation. It will ease breathing, helping to prevent inflammation and mucus production and it is safe to be taken on an ongoing basis if necessary.
There are many causal factors for rhinitis which include pet dander, fungal spores in the air, pollen and dust mites to name a few. The supplement Aller-DMG is a supplement which works to inhibit histamine and to reduce inflammation. It will ease breathing, helping to prevent inflammation and mucus production and it is safe to be taken on an ongoing basis if necessary.
I had a chemical peel at the end of last September. It was terrible and for weeks I had a red and blistered face. Now I am left with dark hyperpigmentation around my upper lip. Can you please suggest a product or products to help lighten this area?
I am sorry to learn of your experience and would suggest that you use DoSe Alpha Arbutin + Kojic Acid Serum. Arbutin is a naturally occurring compound and its synthesised form, alpha arbutin, is one of the most effective and safest ingredients to effectively reduce pigmentation gradually. Kojic acid, at the level used in this serum, works to markedly improve skin's appearance quickly, but safely. Please start with either AM or PM application for one or two weeks to ensure that this serum is compatible for your skin.

It might also be prudent to use DoSe Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum just once a day either AM or PM before the Alpha Arbutin serum. This is because clearly there has been inflammation to the skin tissues both on the face and around the upper lip. Inflammation breaks the collagen matrix and can result in greater lip and fine lines over a period of time, which can be anything from six months to a few years to develop. DoSe Multipeptide Anti-Ageing Serum works to strengthen the skin tissues, enhance collagen synthesis, provide antioxidant protection and numerous other benefits.
Is Yacon Syrup suitable whilst on a low carb diet? I know it’s high carb but some carbs eliminate each other, so I would appreciate your help.
Although Yacon Syrup has approximately 65% carbohydrates, it easily fits into a low carbohydrate diet plan because it has a low GI index which means its digestible sugars actually have no impact on the body. It has no impact as such on carb intake and works well with ketogenic diets as long as you do not over-use it.
My husband was attacked by a caterpillar while in Portugal. He had a rash and an awful itch, which lasted more than a month. Eventually, antihistamines cleared this up, but now and again he gets itchy spots. Is there anything that can help?
It is not unusual for certain compounds to remain in the bloodstream, even if the majority of the rash is usually alleviated with the use of antihistamines. I know some caterpillars can cause a rash for several months so my recommendation would be to take Stinging Nettle Urtica Drops for the next month. Aside from eliminating excess histamine and numerous other inflammatory compounds from the body, Stinging Nettle displays powerful detoxifying properties whilst at the same time it is a highly nutritive herb. Stinging Nettle is often recommended for chronic inflammatory skin conditions.
I suffer from sinusitis three or four times a year and would appreciate some help in keeping me free of this condition with supplementation.
The most important supplement, which can be taken on an ongoing basis without any side effects, is Plantago Tincture. This herbal supplement contains extract of compounds from Plantago which display anti-inflammatory properties and also break down the bonds that form mucus easing its expulsion. Additionally, Plantago also displays mild antibacterial properties which often help to prevent sinus infections when taken on an ongoing basis. I would also consider taking DoSe Liposomal Vitamin C, which delivers 1000mg of vitamin C from one teaspoon into the body where it is utilised for a multitude of functions. Vitamin C reduces inflammation and so can prevent and ease sinus congestion. Most of us have suboptimal levels of vitamin C in the body.
Can you recommend a treatment for psoriasis of fingernails?
Psoriasis of the nails is an autoimmune condition so make sure that you do not stimulate the immune system but rather support it with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D3. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, supporting the liver by removing toxins helps inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis whether on the body or scalp. This is where I would start and would recommend a liver cleansing supplement such as Healthaid Milk Thistle Complex to be taken daily until the condition markedly improves. As far as nail care is concerned, nails are porous, so please apply Fulvic Nail Cream morning and evening. This is a powerful nail treatment cream that may help any discolouration, pitting and damage to the nail itself. Please apply morning and evening to the nail bed and the nail itself.
May I ask if MacuGuard Ocular Support is only for use with established macular degeneration or can it be taken for general ocular health? I do not have MD but as the years go by I am noticing a general decline in my vision-and the frustratingly increasing need to wear glasses.
Although Macuguard Ocular Support is aimed at AMD, the three carotenoids in this supplement, together with extracts of Saffron, provide multiple benefits for maintaining healthy vision due to their antioxidant benefits. Saffron has a long history of benefits for the eye due to its natural levels of carotenoids which protect the retina as well as the lens.
After recovering from my glandular fever, my son now suffers from mouth ulcers and this has been going on for several months. He gets them on average once a week, they are painful and appear on the inner cheek and tongue. The GP did some mouth swabs and said there is no evidence of bacterial or viral infection, but there must be something causing it. Can you help, please?
The most common causes are bacterial or viral infections due to a compromised immune system and/or possibly a lack of B vitamins. I know that fatigue or tiredness is often linked to a lack of B vitamins so perhaps he should try this route first with a supplement as per the link below. Also, many people have found that Clinisept Mouthwash helps to prevent and heal mouth ulcers. Clinisept contains a hypochlorous solution which displays anti-inflammatory properties.
Can you recommend a non-steroidal cream to help with, what I think is, eczema?
You may wish to try Hope's Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue Cream which has been formulated for inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema. This non-steroidal cream contains a blend of Chamomile, Manuka Honey, Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera and other actives to soothe inflamed skin, moisturise dry skin, and encourage the healing of inflamed skin.
I have two conditions which may interact. I have lichen sclerosis which causes inflammation and intense irritation. I have been prescribed creams and told not to use soap on a daily basis. I also have a sliding hiatus hernia which causes acidity from the gut and discomfort. Occasionally I resort to Lansoprazole, although I am concerned about side effects. Can you add anything that might help these two conditions?
The occasional use of Lansoprazole should not be a problem however I think you would benefit from the use of Cinnamon Bark. One of the main components in Cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, helps alleviate the symptoms of gastric irritation which helps relieve symptoms of acid reflux which is a common problem with a hiatal hernia. I would also be inclined to take some Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis. Although Apple Cider Vinegar is mildly acidic, it produces an alkaline effect in the body which may be of value not only for acid reflux but also for reducing inflammation which is one of the causes of lichen sclerosis.
My 38 year old son has what we believe to be Raynaud’s disease. He has visited the GP and was told that he has poor circulation, and nothing more. The ends of his fingers go white and painful, even when the weather isn’t that cold and the nails on the affected fingers are now literally falling away from the nail bed. Would you have any suggestions that may help please?
Most cases of Raynaud's are associated with poor circulation which is exacerbated during cold weather, but the person can still get cold hands and feet even when the weather is milder. This is termed primary Raynaud's whereas secondary Raynaud's is when there is an underlying condition such as scleroderma where there is a hardening of skin tissues and some scarring, or in some cases diseases due to high cholesterol depositing onto the arterial walls or inflammation in the arteries leading to poor circulation or a gradual loss of elasticity of the valves in blood vessels which impedes blood flow around the body. The nails are falling away because of the lack of nutrients due to poor circulation. 

I think whatever the cause, your son will benefit from taking Diosmin Plus. This contains a bioflavonoid called Diosmin which works to slightly thin the blood allowing for greater circulation and also works over a long period of time to try and restore some elasticity to the valves inside the blood vessels. Diosmin Plus also contains Gotu Kola which works to improve lymphatic circulation as well as pycnogenol, another herbal extract involved in helping to enhance circulation through a variety of mechanisms.
My husband and I both have high cholesterol and I would like some guidance on the appropriate supplements to lower our cholesterol. My husband has read about the beneficial results of plant stanol ester supplements. Do any of your supplements include these?
Plant stanols and sterols are basically cholesterol-type fats that are selectively absorbed and subsequently block long chain fats from entering the body. As such they are of no real value when it comes to familial or genetic cholesterol because they block fats from one's diet whereas for the majority of people, elevated cholesterol is associated with genetics and ageing rather than having a fat-laden diet.

Cholestsafe is the most complete supplement for those with elevated cholesterol levels because it contains phytosterols, as mentioned above, but it contains two of the most researched compounds, red yeast rice and policosanol, both of which have been shown to reduce elevated cholesterol by roughly 30% within eight weeks. This supplement also contains artichoke to cleanse the liver where cholesterol is manufactured and ultimately destroyed, chromium to regulate blood sugar levels so that any excess is not converted into triglycerides and Co-q10 to prevent the oxidation of circulating cholesterol which otherwise becomes sticky and adheres to the walls of arteries.

My 90-year-old father in law suffers terribly with dry eyes. Some days they are red raw, and he describes the feeling as if he has stones in his eyes. He has tried prescription and OTC eye drops, to no avail. Is there anything else he could try, please?

Dry eyes occur as a result of the ageing process, which changes the pH and the density of the tears, which means that the tears evaporate quickly, leading to constant watering and dry eyes syndrome. Tear Support helps to change the pH of the tears and so supports those with dry eyes. Topically, please use a high concentration of hyaluronic acid in an eye drop to ensure that the film of tears evaporates slowly. Hycosan Extra Eye Drops contain this concentration.

Can you please recommend any products to help with occipital neuralgia? My daughter is desperate to come off the opioids she has been prescribed.

Occipital neuralgia, whilst not life threatening, can have a debilitating effect. This rare type of nerve pain is usually caused by pinched nerves or muscle tightness, assuming that your daughter has not had a head injury. This pain is associated with nerve inflammation and I would suggest taking some Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex. This curcumin supplement contains three of the most potent compounds found in curcumin that display anti-inflammatory properties. For muscle tension, it might be prudent to use Magnesium Lotion to be applied to the back of the neck twice a day. Magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves and its topical use delivers magnesium chloride to the site for these benefits.

My adult son has had a spate of cold/flu type viral episodes during the last six months, which last around ten days each time. He is just getting over the latest one, the previous being two months ago. He's taking daily vitamin D, plus plenty of greens and vitamin C. Is there a particular supplement you'd recommend, please, to bolster his immune system?

Clearly, your son has a compromised immune system, which needs ongoing support. I suggest that he continues to take some Vitamin D, greens, and Vitamin C preferably a liposomal vitamin C supplement since this is the most bioavailable form of vitamin C which delivers this very important nutrient to the cells. I presume that your son is taking a minimum of 1000iu of vitamin D3 daily but ideally, men should be taking 3000iu per day during winter months and 1000iu during the summer months. May I also suggest that he bolsters his immune system with Astragalus Capsules. This herb works to enhance white blood cell counts which work to engulf pathogens including bacteria and viruses so as to prevent any infective organism from lowering the immune response. Astragalus is safe for ongoing use and I would recommend its use until summer.

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