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I have tried many eye creams for puffiness, slept with several pillows, but have found no solution. Can you suggest anything?

Eye puffiness may be associated with allergies, high salt diet, eye strain and inflammation. I recommend Garden of Wisdom Eye Contour Serum which is a multi-tasking serum with caffeine and various skin technologies to target eye puffiness, bags and fine lines. Caffeine acts as a diuretic helping to reduce fluid retention under the eye area.  I find that using the serum with Temple Spa's Eye Therapist really helps as they will help enhance microcirculation around the eye tissues, which helps to disperse excess fluid.  For optimum effect, please store Eye Therapist in the fridge prior to use.

Can you recommend anything for itchy ears?

Common causes for itchy ears are mild infections and blockages. I suggest MSM + Silver Topical Solution to be used as ear drops twice a day. MSM is a powerful anti-inflammatory whilst Silver displays antimicrobial and tissue healing properties.

I was wondering if I need to take my Fulvic acid still or will the NAD+ Generator be enough for my overall health?

NAD+ Generator works to enhance NAD+ levels which is involved in enzyme production, energy to repair and protect the cells and much more. However, it does not supply any ionic minerals that the body needs. These ionic minerals are found in Fulvic Acid, so the combination of the two would be recommended.


Is there a natural solution for heavy periods?

Heavy periods are associated with oestrogen dominance in that either you have more oestrogen in the body or you do not have sufficient progesterone. The herb Chasteberry or Agnus Castus works to enhance progesterone levels and so achieve hormonal balance in the body to alleviate heavy periods, however patience is the key since this can take several weeks and in most cases, it takes two cycles to experience the benefits.  PeriAgna is a supplement that provides Agnus Castus extract which helps with heavy periods, irregular periods as well as PMS symptoms, such as breast tenderness, menstrual cramps and irritability.

Can you recommend a treatment for scalp shingles?

The specific virus responsible for shingles resides at the nerve endings in the body when dormant and so any treatment would be aimed at reducing the numbers of this virus by the use of lysine supplementation since lysine blocks an amino acid called arginine which is the 'food' for the virus to replicate. As far as the scalp is concerned, it is important to calm down the inflammation that can lead to itching. Cooling compresses on the area/s affected are often recommended and perhaps a topical spray such as Fulvic Mist to calm underlying inflammation on the scalp as well as being beneficial for the hair since some people experience hair loss in the area.

My mother has had a productive cough for over twenty years. She has had every hospital test available, without diagnosis and tried many medications without success. This condition is very distressing for her. Do you have any advice?

Productive coughs are associated with inflammation that causes the release of mucus. This may be due to postnasal drip, inflammatory diet, or COPD if that applies. In the absence of any conclusive cause by the hospital I would recommend that your mother tries Ivy Thyme Complex Drops.  This herbal supplement contains extracts of Thyme with its volatile oils that break up mucus easing its expulsion, whilst Ivy displays membrane soothing properties to calm inflammation of the linings of the respiratory tract.


I have fine, thin, post-menopausal hair and I have read that taking Biotin helps with hair growth. Should I take this as an isolated supplement or is it more potent as part of a Vitamin B Complex.  Also, what else do you recommend to aid this condition? 

Biotin is certainly one of the most researched vitamins for hair growth. This is best taken with silica since biotin works to enhance keratin production whilst silica takes nutrients to the peripherals namely hair, skin and nails. This combination is available in the supplement Bamboo Extract. A deficiency in iron, which affects many women, is known to cause hair loss since it sends parts of the scalp into their resting phase. Florisene For Women provides iron with lysine to replenish iron levels in the whole body. Topically, please consider Fulvic Mist, an organic rejuvenating spray to help invigorate the follicles.

Are you able to advise a treatment for sun-damaged skin? I’m currently having treatment for patches of actinic keratoses and I wonder if using a retinol product on my face and arms would be beneficial?

Actinic keratoses arise as a result of inflammation, so retinoids are definitely a good option post-treatment, but I believe choosing the right retinoid might be important because for many people, retinol can cause inflammation and that is not a good idea. Granactive Retinoid is a potent but safe topical that enhances cell turnover to reveal fresh, healthy cells without causing inflammation for the majority of users. Always patch test before use for a few days and use in the evening only preferably starting twice a week only and then gradually increasing to daily use.

I am have been suffering from dry eyes, they are itchy and water easily and feel so uncomfortable. I take thyroxine daily so wonder if you could recommend anything to help.

Dry eyes are invariably associated with female hormonal imbalance. As female hormone levels decline, the imbalance between the female sex hormones causes a number of concerns and as far as the eyes are concerned, it changes the pH and the density of the tears which means that the tears evaporate quickly leading to constant watering and dry eyes syndrome. Tear Support helps to change the pH of the tears and so supports those with dry eyes.  Topically, please use a high concentration of hyaluronic acid as an eye drop to ensure that the film of tears evaporates slowly. Hycosan Extra Eye Drops contain a high concentration.


Could you please advise a supplement to address oesophageal spasm?

The cause of oesophageal spasms remains unclear but we do think that it is a fault with the nervous system around the oesophagus. Traditionally, peppermint oil is prescribed whether a lozenge or simply sipping some peppermint water obtained by diluting peppermint oil suitable for internal use. Since this concern may be associated with the improper working of the nerves, it might be prudent to take Magnesium Complex daily since magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves and in this way may reduce or stop these spasms with time. 

Would you be able to recommend products for my 13 year old who has acne please? She has blackheads and acne red marks mainly on her cheeks and her T-zone.

I am going to recommend a gentle and simple routine which has helped numerous teenagers and adolescents with acne and spots as outline below. 
AM: Daily Cleanser; Niacinamide Serum, Daily Hydrator
PM: Daily Cleanser; Salicylic Acid Serum (twice a week); Daily Hydrator
Daily Cleanser is a pH balanced face wash that respects skin's pH and does not strip it of its natural oils since this would cause more oil production. Niacinamide Serum regulates oil production, calms inflammation and strengthens skin's barrier. Daily Hydrator is a light emulsion which provides surface hydration without clogging pores and Salicylic acid works to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove debris and oil from the pores. 

I have always had freckly skin, I don’t burn easily, but I have developed a few darker patches as I’ve aged. This year, for the first time, I have developed white freckles and some larger patches of white skin especially on my back, shoulders and chest. My GP tells me it is caused by my body not producing melanin. Is there anything you think that might help?

Very large non-pigmented patches that arise for varying reasons  such as hormonal changes, cause vitiligo where the skin is devoid of pigment in patches but whatever the cause, it is inflammation that causes the disturbance in the pigment cells. For this reason, taking a powerful anti-inflammatory like Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex may prevent the condition from worsening. Additionally, the three curcumin type compounds also work on the liver where toxins need to be eliminated effectively otherwise they can affect skin. 
The use of Alpha arbutin and Kojic Acid Serum, either used on its own or added to a body lotion, will be useful in that it inhibits tyrosinase which is responsible for hyperpigmentation. You actually have less pigment, but using this serum may help to prevent pigment formation in the surrounding cells and, over time, help to even out skin tone.


My husband and I are travelling to Egypt in three weeks and as we have suffered from upset stomachs in the past I thought it might be a good idea to take a good quality probiotic before and during our stay. Is there a particular one you would recommend and when would you recommend we start to take it and what dosage?

I always recommend Mega Probiotic ND at a dose of one capsule twice a day starting, if possible, two weeks before you travel, during your holiday and ideally two weeks after your return to be prudent. This probiotic contains eight strains of beneficial bacteria that colonise the gut helping to prevent other bacteria from thriving.  It might also be prudent to take a pack of Enterosgel Sachets. These contain a special form of silica that adsorbs bacteria, toxins and other irritants should you by chance pick up something

Can you please recommend a product for mucus plugs?

There is a herbal remedy called Plantago Tincture which works on the entire respiratory tract to calm down inflammation, break down mucus that forms plugs and eases its expulsion. This remedy is so effective that it even works for mucus that is formed in the middle and inner canals such as in glue ear. Plantago Tincture is totally safe and can be taken on an ongoing basis.

I have ongoing anxiety issues, so I am going to try Magnolia Rhodiola Complex and Bach flower essences, but wonder whether there would be any advantage in taking Ashwagandha as well. Is this advisable, or are there contra indications?  Or would taking just one of them be effective?  I have also found Valerian to be really helpful at times, so would it be safe to occasionally take Valerian if I was taking Magnolia Rhodiola Complex or Ashwagandha?

There is absolutely no need to take Ashwagandha alongside Magnolia Rhodiola Complex as the magnolia supplement is more potent and quicker in action in reducing stress hormones, elevating mood, calming the nervous system and relaxing the mind.  You can definitely take a Valerian supplement alongside Magnolia Rhodiola Complex without fear of side effects.


Do you have a supplement that could help with weight loss/belly fat that has increased after menopause?

Weight gain during menopause and beyond occurs as a result of an excess of the stress hormones due to lower female hormones. These stress hormones enhance fat deposition in the body and since the majority of fat cells are located in the midriff region, weight gain is more pronounced in this region. HealthAid’s CoffeeSlim capsules may assist the body by gently increasing metabolism and so assist in calorie burning, reducing stress hormone levels, curbing sugar cravings and may help to regulate appetite. These should be used alongside a healthy diet and some exercise to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Can you tell me which vitamin is best for weak bones and what is the daily recommended dose?

Vitamins D and K are the most important vitamins as far as bone health is concerned though they do display other benefits. The recommendations for a woman of average weight and height are 2000iu of vitamin D3 and the best form of these two is the use of Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2.

Is the Cisca Saltpipe safe for a COPD sufferer to use?

The Cisca Saltpipe is aimed at people with breathing difficulties or simply for the health of the respiratory tract. A 2007 study1 concluded that dry salt inhaler therapy may support primary COPD medical treatment by improving effort tolerance and quality of life, but you might also wish to run this past your GP. 


Life is very stressful at the moment and I am constantly feeling anxious.  I know that Ginseng may help, so is it possible to have an explanation of the differences between Siberian Ginseng, Korean Ginseng and Ashwagandha? 

Korean Ginseng, or Ginseng panax is a true Ginseng species that enhances adrenal function to produce less stress hormones and more of their energising hormones. However, there is debate over whether women should use it consistently as it may influence oestrogen levels and is known to increase blood pressure.  Siberian Ginseng is a false Ginseng species; it behaves like Korean Ginseng but does not normally markedly increase blood pressure or influence oestrogen levels. Ashwagandha, or Indian Ginseng, is again not a true ginseng species but has multiple studies on its benefits for helping to enhance the stress response. This is the response of the body to stress and its ability to cope with stress. 
​You might wish to consider the use of Daily Energy which contains Siberian Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Brazilian Ginseng and much more. This is a gentle but effective energising and stress reducing supplement.

Can you recommend anything for an itchy scalp. I seem to have become sensitive to chlorine from swimming pools and certain shampoos and it seems to be happening since hitting perimenopause.

As you approach perimenopause, oestrogen levels decline at a greater pace causing skin to become dehydrated and this coupled with the decline in collagen production often results in dry skin concerns whether on the body or on the scalp. It might be prudent to use a hypoallergenic, pH balanced and sulphate-free shampoo ideal to dry, itchy scalp and compromised skin and scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This shampoo protects skin's natural oils and is generally suitable for colour treated hair.

I would also suggest that you consider replenishing the natural oils from within the body which help to keep skin moisturised, supple and prevent dehydration using Omega 7 capsules. Omega 7 is a rarer fatty acid which benefits dry skin conditions as well as the healthy hair and nails. It is used to manufacture ceramides which are tiny natural oil particles between skin cells that keep skin moisturised.

What is the best supplement for prostate support? 

Life Extension's PalmettoGuard contains a combination of nutrients designed to help with prostate enlargement as well as preventing inflammatory compounds that are produced as a result of metabolism of male hormones. This remains our bestselling supplement in this genre.


I have previously used Curcumin Elite, but recently used Superior Joints. Are you able to tell me which product of the two is better for knee joint issues. I note that Curcumin is effective for inflammation, and that Superior Joints has more ingredients, but is it more likely to be effective because of that?

Superior Joints contains the clinically tested ingredient, Natural Eggshell Membrane, which not only displays potent anti-inflammatory properties but also contains two rarer amino acids for helping to prevent the degradation of the cartilage matrix. This in itself should be sufficient but if the pain still persists after say four to six weeks, then this is due to uric acid and other acidic compounds that arise as a result of joint tissue degradation. Being acidic in nature, these compounds cause pain and stiffness, so in order to eliminate these acids, please use Uric Acid Control for a couple of months whilst you continue with Superior Joints.

My sister’s recent eye test showed ocular hypertension which can lead to glaucoma. She is a very healthy 53 year old, what would you recommend?

There are a number of causes for elevated blood pressure in the eye but primarily it is due to the blockage of one of the ducts leading to a build-up of the fluid that supplies the eyes with nutrients. The supplement Eye Pressure Support contains a patented extract from bilberries to inhibit the increase in blood pressure whilst pycnogenol enhances circulation to make the flow of all fluids easier and so hopefully maintain healthy blood pressure. Both of these nutrients display powerful anti-inflammatory benefits which may also offer protection for the eyes. 

Is it safe to take BergaMet Advanced long term?  I have been taking two tablets daily since February, alongside CholestSafe, and my total cholesterol and ratios have improved significantly.

It is perfectly safe to take both Cholestsafe and BergaMet Advanced on an ongoing basis in order to keep cholesterol within normal limits. BergaMet Advanced also displays potent antioxidant properties which are protective in nature. 


Can you tell me whether additional stand-alone Turmeric can be taken alongside Superior Joints.  Also how much turmeric does it contain and what percentage of curcuminoids is supplied?

Superior Joints contains 250 mg of turmeric powder per two capsules which is aimed at enhancing circulation around the joints in order to remove the acids that cause pain and stiffness. You can safely add a turmeric supplement but do ensure that it contains the three curcumin type compounds that provide the multiple benefits of turmeric such as cell protection, antioxidant protection and of course anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric is ill-absorbed by the body which is why it is used for simple circulatory benefits at that dose. I would suggest a supplement that contains three of the most researched curcuminoids including Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex.

I have always had white marks on my nails. My nails are otherwise healthy, so is there anything you could recommend please?

White marks on your nails are usually harmless and are thought to be associated with a deficiency of iron and some minerals like zinc.  I suggest that you consider Bamboo Extract capsules which contain biotin, a member of the B family, which helps to nourish the nail cuticle to ensure healthy nail growth as well as nail plate thickness for those with brittle nails. Bamboo Extract also contains organic silica which is a mineral that takes iron, zinc and other minerals gently around the body including the nails and this combination may prove to be useful over a few weeks. 

Of course you may simply wish to take an iron supplement to address these white marks in which case please consider the most bioavailable form of iron called Ionic Iron. This form of iron is exactly how the body utilises iron for its myriad of benefits such as energy production improving both physical and mental performance. 

My mother is 73 and she has no padding around her face neck or hips, can you recommend anything to help slow the ageing process and to help fill her out?

The loss of elasticity coupled often with the loss of collagen can result in the loss of tone and almost like a shrinking of skin. I suggest that your mother take HA capsules which help to plump up skin cells and also help collagen and elastin synthesis. Please also consider a quality whey protein powder from Lamberts which also provides whey protein isolates for maximum utilisation by the body. 


I recently did a fasting cleanse and to my surprise blood tests revealed my liver is exceptionally healthy, but my kidney function is limited. Any suggestions for a little more support for adrenal function?

For supporting the adrenals to produce less of their stress hormones and more of their energising hormones, please take Lamberts Multiguard ADR as per link below. You may also wish to consider the use of Solidago Complex Drops which have a long traditional history of use to support kidney function and urinary tract health.

My husband is on many prescription medicines and suffers cramp in his leg muscles. Would it be safe to take Magnesium supplements as one of his medicines is a blood thinner, and he also takes a PPI (Omeprazole).

Magnesium Complex or for that matter magnesium supplements are considered perfectly safe to take with blood thinners. With reference to PPI's, please ensure that he takes any magnesium supplement at least two hours away from these.

I suffer from pins and needles in my hands at night and have read that this might be due to a B12 deficiency. I have also read that I should take folate/folic acid in conjunction with a B12 supplement. Could you please advise me on what to take?

A deficiency of either B12 and/or folate is associated the sensation of pins and needles so it is advisable to take both and preferably in their active states. Vitamin B12's active state is Methylcobalamin and folic acid is best taken as a folate supplement. 


Can you please advise me on a supplement for an over-active thyroid?

Observational studies indicate that people with hypothyroidism or hyperthyrodism have low levels of Vitamin D so I think it is important to get your Vitamin D levels checked or at least take 2000iu per day which is the recommended daily amount for women of average height and weight.  It is also thought that an anti-inflammatory diet, like the Mediterranean diet, coupled with a curcumin supplement may be of value since it is theorised that inflammation may be the trigger for excess thyroid hormones.

Do the acids L-lysine and L-arginine conflict with each other? I am currently looking at these and other supplements for increased blood flow due to chronic venous insufficiency.

Arginine and Lysine do occur together in foods, however they both compete with each other as they use the same metabolic pathway in the body. Arginine is the amino acid that has been the subject of extensive studies on ensuring healthy blood flow due to its ability to enhance nitric oxide levels.  Whilst arginine may enhance nitric oxide, it does not address the valves that do not work correctly or rather have lost their elasticity. I think that the use of Disomin Plus is going to be valuable as one of the flavonoids, Diosmin 95, slightly thins the blood to allow sufficient flow but also may help over a long period of time to tackle this loss of elasticity of valve tissues.

Can you recommend a supplement for scalp psoriasis please?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune concern so you have to ensure that any supplement you take does not boost your immune system and simply supports it. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that taking a liver cleansing supplement will help prevent psoriasis flare-ups. HealthAid's Milk Thistle Complex contains a comprehensive blend of liver cleansing and supportive herbs and nutrients that work on the phases of the liver detoxification cycle helping to neutralise toxins and eliminate them from the body


A friend I've been on holiday with was stung by a jellyfish on her neck, shoulder and hand. She's fine within herself and the stings are healing. However, the area on her neck is still quite raised, marked and tender and I just wondered whether there was a particular healing cream you would recommend?

I suggest that she sprays on Thyme Out containing an extract of thyme oil which displays antimicrobial properties and importantly displays anti-inflammatory properties to encourage the healing of the tissues since it is inflammation that makes skin around the area swollen and tender to touch.

The minute I begin to get warm my face, below my eyes, begins to sweat. Eventually sweat is pouring down my face, especially when I do an exercise class. Strangely though, no other part of me seems to sweat excessively. It is very disconcerting when wearing my glasses as they steam up and if I am out on a hot summer day I am constantly mopping my face! 

Excessive facial sweating may be due to the excessive stimulation of the nerves surrounding the eccrine glands whether due to hormonal changes, thyroid hormone imbalances, anxiety, low blood sugar or perhaps hereditary. I would suggest that you take Magnesium Complex which provides several types of magnesium compounds to relax the nerves that stimulate these glands.  It might also be prudent to take Organic Sage Leaf capsules since sage leaf has a positive influence on the hypothalamus, the temperature regulating gland of the body, and is known to help alleviate excessive sweating.

Each evening my face and scalp begin to itch, including my eyelids. I have no problems during the day, can you help please?

The most common causal factor for itching of the scalp in the evening may be linked to inflammatory compounds that build up when the body is at rest. This may be due to hormonal changes, atopic dermatitis or other causes. Whatever the cause, I think that you would benefit from cleansing the bloodstream of toxins and metabolic waste that contribute to itching using Nettle Leaf Capsules. Nettle Leaf also inhibits histamine, the compound that causes itching and it is responsible for allergy type reactions. Please take one capsule daily with some food.

To submit a personal health, wellbeing or skincare concern please email