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Periodically my gums bleed when I am brushing my teeth, how can I prevent this happening?

Bleeding gums, especially after flossing, cleaning your teeth or eating hard food (say an apple) are a clear sign of gum disease, as are red or swollen gums. This is not a problem sufferers should ignore since periodontal infections can enter the bloodstream and spread to cause even more serious problems.  There are two products I would recommend, the first being Peri Gum Mouthwash Concentrate which has antibacterial properties to help kill pathogenic species of bacteria. I would also suggest taking Super Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10, as research has indicated that Q10 levels were found to very low in those who suffer from gingivitis, bleeding gums and periodontal disease.

I have unexplainable persistent catarrh, please can you recommend a remedy to help resolve this issue?

Persistent catarrh is often linked to food sensitivities although in some cases environmental factors such as fungal spores in the air due to damp weather or winter pollen may also be the cause. Whatever the cause, I would recommend taking Plantago Tincture by A. Vogel. This remedy works to break down the bonds that form mucus helping to ease its removal from the respiratory tract. Plantago Tincture is safe with most medications and can be used on an ongoing basis without fear of side effects.

My mum has rheumatoid arthritis in between the knuckles on both her hands and I’ve recently noticed that my knuckles are swollen and uncomfortable too.  I take Superior Joints, is anything else I can take to help slow down arthritis?

When joint tissues degrade, acidic compounds are produced that cause pain and stiffness. These acidic compounds crystallise around the joint tissues causing swellings and nodules and need to be eliminated otherwise they cause more destruction of the cartilage.  I would recommend the use of Uric Acid Control, a specific herbal supplement which has been shown to help reduce uric acid in the body. This supplement can be used alongside Superior Joints for optimum support. 


I have a patch of skin on my chin, under the corner of my mouth, which is constantly flaky. When I moisturise it, it either has no effect or the flaky skin peels off, but it’s back again the next day.  It now appears to be spreading to other parts of my chin.  Please can you suggest something?

What you are describing points to perioral dermatitis or perhaps angular cheilitis. These are both inflammatory skin conditions which may be caused by a number of issues such as dehydration or allergies.  Although commonly confined to the mouth region, this can spread to the eye and nasal areas too. Triggers include heavy moisturisers, cosmetics, certain kinds of toothpastes and steroid medications. May I please suggest that you take Terranova Zinc Complex. Zinc helps to encourage the healing of all inflamed tissues as well as displaying other benefits.


Topically, please keep skincare to a minimum by using a gentle cleanser, such as Daily Cleanser, and a simple very light oil such as Squalane for both AM and PM. 

I believe I need magnesium for anxiety and to help keep me calm, but which one do you recommend?

The magnesium of choice for anxiety and its associated symptoms is Neuro-Mag. This supplement contains a form of magnesium which has been shown to enter the nervous system where it can exert its nerve calming benefits as well as helping to enhance brain function.

I have had rosacea on and off for years, and I’m prone to it around my nose and the skin nearby, is there a solution?

Skin that is prone to Rosacea is best addressed from the inside and outside.  I recommend Clear Skin Complex to help clear out toxins and other compounds which are responsible for the rashes and visible blood vessels in some instances. 


Topically, I recommend two products, Neurophroline Serum followed by Rosalique’s 3 in 1 SPF Moisturiser.  Neurophroline works to help reduce inflammatory chemicals in skin, helping to calm inflamed skin and the Rosalique will help mask redness of the skin, gently reduce symptoms with the additions of key ingredients, as well as having an SPF50, protecting against UVA & UVB which is important for skin prone to Rosacea.


I don’t have most of the big symptoms of the menopause, but at times I have a shortness of temper and this can get me down. What supplement do you recommend?

Not all women suffer from all of the symptoms associated with menopause although hot flushes, night sweats and low mood remain the most common symptoms. May I suggest that you take Sage Complex which contains herbs that mimic the female hormones and will help alleviate most of these concerns over a period of a few weeks. To elevate mood and for additional support, you may also wish to consider taking Magnolia Rhodiola Complex. Magnolia extracts relax muscles and nerves as well as help in reducing stress hormones, whilst Rhodiola works to enhance the uptake of serotonin for mood elevation.

I have Restless Legs Syndrome and it is really disturbing my sleep. What would you suggest?

We do not fully understand the causes of Restless Legs Syndrome, however magnesium and iron deficiencies have been implicated as well as certain medications. Initially, it would be wise to take a supplement such as Diosmin Plus. Diosmin Plus enhances circulation around the whole body and this should help to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients to the legs. You may also wish to spray your legs with Magnesium Oil before you go to sleep as this works locally to help relax the nerves.

My elderly mother is confined to her bed and has developed bedsores.  Is there anything that can help her?

Bed sores or pressure ulcers are injuries to the skin as a result of prolonged pressure to one area. They are best treated by regularly changing the position in bed, using special mattresses to relieve pressure, and dressings to heal the sores. Topical treatments include the use of Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel by Comvita which can be applied generously to a a wound or bandage daily. 


Why is my mouth always dry?

Dry mouth or xerostomia is caused by cessation of normal salivary secretion which can itself be a sign of other conditions, including diabetes and acute infection. The single most important natural remedy to help alleviate the problem of dry mouth is an Omega 7 essential fatty acid sourced from the Sea Buckthorn plant and I recommend Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil by Sibu.  This will work to restore a healthy and lubricated mucosal lining in the mouth.

I seem to suffer from constant watering eyes and it feels like there is grit or something else irritating them. This is not helped by being in cold weather. What do you recommend?

Constant watery eyes are most likely due to what is termed dry eyes. Whether due to environmental factors or a reduction in female hormones, the composition of tears produce changes so that tears tend to evaporate quickly from the eyes resulting in the eyes watering in order to produce more tears. I would recommend that you use A Vogel Eye Drops which provide relief from dry, itchy, gritty and irritated eyes. I recommend using these drops for three weeks and if further support is required then please consider taking Tear Support with MaquiBright to help the restoration of tear quality.

Could I ask whether you feel that Folic Acid is beneficial for thinning hair? My hairdresser has suggested this would be something to try together with Vitamin B12.

Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 certainly help with red blood cell production and energy production, but these have little to no impact on hair.  The B vitamin responsible for enhancing hair growth and improving hair condition is Biotin which, taken alongside Silica from Bamboo, will help strengthen hair, improve texture and help to prevent hair loss. Bamboo Extract contains therapeutic dosages of Biotin and Silica.


I have had diarrhoea, bloated tummy and constant belching for about ten days, please can you recommend a product to help?

The most important supplement to help right now is Enterosgel.  Enterosgel contains a unique form of silica which is known to remove pathogens and irritant chemicals from the gut and is used regularly for these symptoms.  Please continue to take a probiotic to re-populate the gut.

This is quite embarrassing, but I seem to have constant wind.  Is there anything that can help?

Flatulence is the medical name for the presence of an excessive amount of gas or air in the stomach and intestinal tract, causing distension of the organs and, sometimes, mild to moderate pain. Natural remedies, including probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbs such as Centaurium can quickly help remedy the problem, or you could try Windaway Activated Charcoal, which has been specifically formulated for this concern.

I bruise easily, so I would like to know if there is a product that can help prevent deep bruising?

For some adults, as they age, skin becomes less flexible and begins to thin due to less fat underneath it. This loss of cushioning means it is easy to get bruised even sometimes at the slightest injury. I often find that using a Vitamin C supplement with some bioflavonoids helps to strengthen skin’s outer layers and I would recommend Rutin and Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids.

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