What We’re Doing and Why

We’re aware that no matter how small a step is, it’s a step in the right direction to make us more sustainable and responsible. As a business we have made a number of positive improvements across many of our touchpoints and continue to look for opportunities to develop and build on these measures.

In the past year we have:

• Contracted a new packaging supplier to carry out an optimisation report to significantly reduce the amount of waste cardboard across all of our boxes used to ship the customer’s orders. Our boxes are FSC certified and are sustainably sourced.
• We removed the use of actual bubble wrap used to protect the goods and replaced with Geami WrapPak, which is an Eco Friendly Packaging System of specially patented die-cut wrapping paper to protect the products used.
• We removed the polystyrene fillers used when shipping and replace with recycled paper fill.
• Invoices are no longer included in the packages and these have been replaced with digital versions.
• Our waste cardboard from deliveries is sent to be repulped by a local firm in order to be repurposed.
• We mindfully reduce the shipments and actively combine orders for our customers where possible. This is a challenge with the appetite for consumers wanting instant delivery, but we ensure this balance is in place and monitored to reduce our carbon footprint whilst keeping our customers satisfied.
• For our own lines, e.g. GOW, we use fully recyclable bottles (PET). We took the steps to remove the lids this year on the majority of the GOW products and they now only have the pump that can be locked, enabling us to have one less component.

We believe in producing and selling only products with purpose, backed by science, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality.