DoSe by VH

DoSe by VH is a carefully curated range of face serums, skincare and supplements which have been meticulously formulated to deliver results. 

DoSe serums and skincare products are dedicated to skin health. They contain some of the best ingredients including peptides to enhance collagen, prevent loss of elastin, and are formulated for the longevity and integrity of skin.

DoSe supplements offer a variety of single and combination remedies containing therapeutic strengths of active nutrients combined with the most up to date research on the best delivery systems ensuring the bioavailability of these nutrients to the body. 

DoSe supplements are thoroughly backed with researched ingredients that help to support a wide range of concerns including hyaluronic acid for skin, supplements to boost immunity, boost energy, to ease joint pain, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, improve circulation as well as supplements for digestion including probiotics.