Diosmin Plus

250mg 60-Capsules

Suitable for Vegetarians


Diosmin Plus contains a potent and synergistic blend of botanicals that provide support for the circulatory system and modulate inflammation, one of the primary causes of unsightly veins and capillaries. VH Diosmin complex supplement contains a clinically evaluated extract called Diosmin 95 for varicose veins which:

  • enhances healthy blood flow in arteries, veins and capillaries
  • maintains the elasticity and tone of veins
  • diminishes inflammation, the primary cause of capillary fragility
  • protects collagen and elastin ensuring healthy valve function
  • manufactured using a highly refined process to reach the veins directly

Diosmin also contains:

  • Horse Chestnut - has been historically shown to support and strengthen lower limb circulation by reducing capillary fragility and tonifying effects. Additionally, horse chestnut also has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.
  • Dandelion - a highly nutritive herb that also has a diuretic activity. Dandelion supports and strengthens the entire body, especially the liver and gall bladder, but is used mostly to help reduce swelling associated with water retention.
  • Gotu Kola - helps eliminate excess fluid, helps shrink tissues and stimulates the central nervous system. Gotu Kola promotes wound healing and whilst it is used for the treatment of varicose veins, it is also used for heart and liver function, cardiovascular and circulatory disorders, fatigue, connective tissue disorders including extrenal haemorrhoids, poor appetite and sleep disorders.
  • Ginger Root - as a digestive tonic, ginger helps to enhance the utilisation of each and every botanical within the formulation. Additionally, ginger has great circulatory properties.
  • Pine Bark Extract - a rich source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins which are potent flavonoids known to exert antioxidant, collagen stabilising and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our in-house pharmacist, Shabir Daya has written six articles about Diosmin Plus:

Diosmin Plus is free from dairy, gluten, wheat, corn, soya, sugar, peanuts and shellfish and is suitable for vegetarians.

Dosage: Take one capsule twice daily.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.   

If pregnant, or breast feeding, or if you are taking medication, or on medical care, consult your physician prior to use. Not suitable for people on blood thinning medication. Keep out of reach of young children. Food supplements are not to be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  Do not exceed the daily dose. 

Each Capsule Contains: Diosmin-95 250mg, Horse Chesnut Seed Extract 125mg, Dandelion Leaf Extract 75mg, Gotu Kola Herb Powder 50mg, Ginger Root Extract 50mg, Pine Bark Extract 25mg. Other ingredients Vegetable Cellulose (capsule shell), Rice Flour, Vegetable Stearate.

Product Code: FSV0860

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