Airogym Exerciser



Invented by a former British Airways captain, the Airogym Exerciser is a portable and inflatable cushion for resistance-based exercise that helps improve blood flow in the lower legs. It's ideal for those who are deskbound, travelling, have swollen ankles during pregnancy, diabetics, the elderly and immobile – and patients receiving physiotherapy for muscle and joint pain.

Simple to use and small enough to take anywhere, the Airogym is used by world-leading Vascular Surgeon John Scurr to help support his patients' recovery. By pressing your heels and toes into the pad in a variety of different exercises, the veins in the feet are compressed, squeezing blood into the major veins of the calf muscle to promote blood flow. Ideal for those who spend long hours sitting at a desk, are at risk from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) when flying long-haul – and anyone who suffers from poor circulation in the feet and legs, including diabetics, during pregnancy, and when receiving physiotherapy for muscle and joint pain.

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Product Code: AGM0001

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