Airogym Exerciser



Airogym Exerciser is a low cost, pocket sized, inflatable exercise cushion.

Benefits of the exerciser include; being small, easy to carry around and very simple to use while seated with no discomfort.

Airogym may benefit:

  • those travelling for 4+ hours
  • Deskbound
  • the elderly and those who are immobile
  • those with swollen ankles especially during pregnancy
  • diabetics who invariably have poor leg circulation
  • patients receiving physiotherapy or those with muscle and joint pains.

10 exercises to pump blood back up to the heart:

  1. Position one foot on cushion with heel on the one pad, toe on the other. Alternate heel then toe press works lower leg and foot. Repeat with other foot.
  2. Position heels on cushion, keeping toes on floor. Alternate heel press works the back of the calf.
  3. Position toes on cushionkeeping heels on the floor. Alternate toe press works the front of the shins.
  4. Position whole feet on cushion. Alternate foot press works thighs.


  1. Place AIROGYM„¢ on lap, alternate hand press works the upper body.
  2. Place AIROGYM„¢ under the legs whilst lying and press down alternate straight legs.
  3. Place AIROGYM„¢ under the armpit and rock the arm against the chest.
  4. Squeeze AIROGYM„¢ alternately with the hands.
  5. Place AIROGYM„¢ behind neck when lying and rock head side to side.
  6. Place AIROGYM„¢ between knees and squeeze then return air by hand squeeze.

Find out more about Airogym Exerciser in Shabir Daya's (Victoria Health's pharmacist) article The Most Common Summer Holiday Problems Solved.

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