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Victoria Health are passionate about health and wellbeing and have long held a vision of radically changing the face of natural health.

We believe the products we recommend will make a difference to your health and we travel the world to source the most pioneering and cutting-edge supplements currently available.

With so much conflicting information about health products in the media, we will keep you up to date with the latest trends and information in the field of complementary health.

We do not accept any form of advertising on our site and are often approached to give our endorsement to product ranges. We do not recommend any products unless we believe in them or use them ourselves.

Shabir is a qualified pharmacist specialising in natural health products and with over forty years of experience, we have grown Victoria Health based on a fundamental belief in the work we do and the difference we are making. Our strengths are our products, our media and customer care profiles and our customers, who constantly support and inspire us.

We do not have any backers and we have financed our own vision. We have achieved a strong media profile over the past few years based entirely on the efficacy and exclusivity of our products and the depth of our knowledge.

Our philosophy is one of education and evolvement for the enhancement of health, ageing and wellbeing.

We make a stand for truth, honesty and integrity.

Gill Sinclair & Shabir Daya MRPharmS

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