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Ful.Vic.Health Fulvic Acid Elixir is a potent, multi-purpose liquid food supplement taken to combat nutrient deficiency by enhancing the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body. Victoria Health's Fulvic Acid liquid is a brilliant overall supplement containing pure, patented humic-free fulvic acid, Ioniplex®, an ionic mineral complex which provides cellular protection and promotes cellular energy for the rapid absorption of vitamins and other nutrients to our skin, hair and nails as well as other places in our bodies.

Often referred to as 'The Elixir of Life' as written about by our in-house pharmacist, Shabir Daya MRPHarmS, Fulvic Acid is a natural compound found in the nutritious layer of soil that helps plants to grow. It works in a similar way in our body at a cellular level and is capable of carrying 65+ minerals and trace elements directly into our cells. Fulvic Acid is the element found in humus, the highly nutritious layer of the earth and is created in extremely small amounts by millions of beneficial microbes that work on the decaying plant matter. It combines with a variety of minerals to create a complex molecular compound and works to activate the nutrients within soil so that they can be utilised by the cells of plants. It is often termed as nature's miracle molecule and for good reason.  Unfortunately, modern farming practices have destroyed our soils disrupting the creation of this miracle molecule, and therefore leaving our vegetation and animals and hence our food, devoid of it.

Our Fulvic Acid Elixir takes its humic-free Fulvic Acid from the deeper parts of Earth's soil, Fulvic Acid serves as an essential vehicle that carries vitamins and nutrients to the right place in our bodies. Fulvic Acid is so powerful that one single Fulvic Acid molecule is capable of carrying 65 or more minerals and trace elements directly into our cells. 

Key Ingredients of Fulvic Acid Elixir: 

  • Humic-free Fulvic Acid from the deeper parts of Earth's soil
  • Calcium - Has a role in the process of cell division
  • Iron - Has a role in the process of cell division
  • Magnesium - contributes to normal protein synthesis

Directions: As a food supplement, take 15ml (3 x teaspoons) daily of Fulvic Acid liquid daily either directly or mixed with juice or water, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Keep refrigerated once opened. Best used within 60 days of opening. There are 32 servings in each container.  Free from gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, soya and other allergens. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of young children. Food supplements are not to be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  Do not exceed the daily dose. 

Iodine: 0.002922 mg, Berylllium: 0.002325 mg, Barium: 0.001329 mg, Neodymium: 0.000888 mg, Nickel: 0.000858 mg, Arsenic: 0.000828 mg, Rubidium: 0.000738 mg, Molybdenum: 0.000702 mg, Selenium: 0.00057 mg, Lanthanum: 0.000525 mg, Dysprosium: 0.000459 mg, Tin: 0.00045 mg, Cobalt: 0.000447 mg, Ytterbium: 0.000444 mg, Erbium: 0.000384 mg, Gadolinium: 0.000327 mg, Samarium: 0.000252 mg, Lead: 0.000225 mg, Gallium: 0.00021 mg, Praseodymium: 0.000813 mg, Copper: 0.000105 mg, Terbium: 0.000066 mg, Antimony: 0.000051 mg, Cadmium: 0.000051 mg, Silver: 0.000036 mg, Thallium: 0.00003 mg. : Bismuth, Cesium, Europlum, Germanium, Gold, Hafnium, Indium, Mercury, Nioblum, Osmium, Palladium, Platinum, Rhenium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Scandium, Tantalum, Tellurium, Thorium, Tungston.

Why does Fulvic Elixr have so many elements added including metals?
There are several sources for fulvic acid: compost, shale, material leaching from rock. Nothing is added to Ioniplex®/Fulvic Acid Elixir.  All elements are naturally part of the compound. The purest form comes from ancient humic material which is found in veins located throughout the world, also known as leonardite.  Millions of years ago, these veins were lush vegetation on the earth that, over the eons compressed into a humic material, which contained fulvic acid.  These veins are found in to reside between soft coal and peat.  Each location can have vastly different characteristics, which are dependent on the type of vegetation compressed. Our lab carefully selects and draws from numerous U.S. locations, in order to get the right mix of minerals and lowest concentration of undesirable material to provide a consistent product.  They then utilize a patented process to extract the pure Fulvic acid from the humic material, which forms the patented ingredient, Ioniplex®.  Ioniplex®, in powder form, contains over 90% pure fulvic acid.

What is Ioniplex®?
Ioniplex® is a proprietary extract, containing upwards of 65+ major, minor and trace minerals, which are sourced from unique mineraloid veins located throughout North America.  This is the basis of Fulvic Acid Elixir.  Our lab carefully identifies, isolates and recovers this material and transports it to their state-of-the-art facility in the US. Here it undergoes a complex, patented extraction process, where the mineral rich fulvic acid is extracted from the humic matter.

Does the formulation have metals?  Do you test for heavy metals?
Yes, they are tested for heavy metals. We of course have a COA to support (Certificate Of Analysis).  Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury are noted on the ingredients but on the COA have none detected as these are from the natural soil.  The testing method for this is ICP-MS.

What is the pH level of Fulvic Acid Elixir?
The pH level is 3.1. The test method is EPA 9045.

What colour should Fulvic Acid Elixir be?
The colour of Fulvic Acid Elixir is Amber/Brown.  As this is a natural formulation it can vary slightly from batch to batch. 

There are some particles in the bottle.  Why is this?
Fulvic Acid Elixir is a natural compound.  As a result, from time to time, there may be small particles.  These particles are harmless.  Please shake the bottle prior to use.

Is Fulvic Acid Elixir a medicine?
This is considered a food supplement in the UK and is treated as such.

Does Ioniplex® have any patents?
Yes, it does.  Three in fact. US Patent No. 8,709,497, US Patent No. 8,927,031, and US Patent No. 11103001.

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