Ful.Vic.Health is a collection of supplements, hair care, body care & skin care containing fulvic acid for hair, skin, nails. These fulvic acid supplements and hair care contain Ioniplex®, a patented humic-free fulvic acid which displays multiple benefits for hair, skin, and the whole body. Fulvic Acid hair products work to calm down underlying inflammation and enhances keratin production in the hair follicles resulting in healthy hair fibres. In studies, Ioniplex® showed a 14% increase in hair thickness within six weeks. Whether you are suffering from damaged hair, brittle hair, out of condition hair, thinning hair or hair loss, Ful.Vic.Health products offer powerful solutions to help nurture your recovery. Fulvic Acid applied topically by the use of Fulvic Face Cream works to enhance collagen production, hydrates, protects and helps firm skin tissues.