Daily Immunity


Suitable for Vegetarians


Daily Immunity is a comprehensive multi-purpose formula to prime the immune system and hence protect the body from all types of infections. Daily Immunity can also be used for the treatment of infections to help shorten their duration.

High stress levels, close contact in confined areas, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies and other factors all play a role in compromising the immune system.

Daily Immunity contains:

  • Astragalus - a powerful and safe herb known to enhance white blood cells and interferon which are vital for immunity.
  • Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria - two of the most research probiotics involved in the production of immune enhancing compounds in the gut.
  • Oregano - a very potent antimicrobial with anti-catarrhal properties.
  • Maitake and Shitake mushroom extracts - medicinal mushrooms which have been the subject of considerable research with impressive health promoting properties.
  • Elderberry - is thought to inhibit the mechanism required for viral replication.
  • Garlic - exerts a broad spectrum against a variety of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
  • Vitamin D3 - studies correlate vitamin D3 deficiency and a compromised immune system.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc - both of these are essential for a strong immune response.

Our in-house pharmacist, Shabir Daya has written six articles about Daily Immunity:

Dosage: Adults and Children over 12 years, take two capsules daily. Double the dose if required.

If you are pregnant, nursing or have an auto-immune disorder or are taking immune suppressant or blood thinning medications, do not take this product without first consulting your healthcare practitioner.

Serving Size 1 Capsule: Vitamin C (as Ca Ascorbate) 175 mg, Vitamin D3 200iu, Zinc picolinate 2.5mg, Astragalus extract 100mg, Bee Propolis 50mg, Garlic extract 50mg, Olive Leaf extract 50mg, Elderberry extract 37.5mg, Maitake Mushroom extract 25mg, Shitake Mushroom extract 25mg, Oregano Leaf Extract 12.5mg, Lactobacillus acidophilus 500 Million CFU, Bifidobacterium bifidum 200,000 CFU. Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule shell), microcrystalline rice flour, vegetable stearate.

Product Code: FSV0861


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