Clinisept+ Mouthwash



Clinisept+ Mouthwash cleanses, deodorises and protects against the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, but without stinging or causing irritation. Clinisept+ alcohol-free mouthwash is recommended by dentists and dental surgeons for before and after treatment as well as a daily mouthwash perfect for treating the most sensitive of teeth and gums.

Better than traditional mouthwashes, Clinisept+ hypochlorous mouthwash contains no Chlorhexidine, alcohol or peroxide which is known to cause oral irritation. Unlike other products Clinisept+ is not subject to antimicrobial resistance and therefore effectively and efficiently kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria found in our mouths, which can lead to all kinds of dental issues and oral hygiene problems such as decay, infection and bad breath.

Benefits of Clinisept+ Mouthwash:

  • Non-toxic
  • Neutral pH
  • Non-irritant to teeth or gums
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Causes no staining
  • Contains no alcohol
  • No harsh chemicals, colouring or flavouring
  • No ‘arctic blast’ or minty aftershock

Directions: Use Clinisept+ Mouthwash as instructed by your dentist, or use once or twice daily for regular oral hygiene. Rinse 15ml of Clinisept+ around mouth, teeth and gums thoroughly for 30 second and then spit out. Do not swallow and do not rinse with water. Not recommended for children. Replace cap after use. 


Please note that whilst ingredients found are exactly the same as for Clinisoothe+ topical treatments, Clinisept+ Mouthwash is produced at a far lower concentration than Clinisoothe+ skin contact products to comply with usage as an oral rinse.

Not recommended for children.


Water (aqua), Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphoric Acid.

Product Code: CSO0003


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