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Hydrosol Silver Spray

15 uS 113-ml

Suitable for Vegetarians


Colloidal Silver is an inexpensive healing and antibacterial agent with a myriad of applications. It can be used internally for all infections such as UTI's and applied externally to fight fungal, bacterial and even viral infections. It also helps to promote the healing of burns, wounds, cuts, rashes and sunburn when applied topically and is excellent for acne-prone skins when taken internally having the same properties as commonly prescribed antibiotics.

It is an excellent natural antibiotic helping to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, fungi and even viral attacks with numerous reports confirming its success even with the most resilient viral infections such as molluscum.

Dosage: 10 sprays per day or more as directed by your healthcare professional. Children: 2-4 sprays daily. For Oral use only.

Serving size 5ml - 10 sprays (approx 25 servings) . Amount per serving, Purified Silver 50mcg. Other Ingredients: De-Ionized Water. Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives.

Product Code: GHN0009

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