White with Black Edge - Portable Fan


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Handheld FanU White Portable Fan is a convenient way to alleviate hot flushes associated with hormonal changes, stress and other causes.

This lightweight, portable and quiet handheld mini cool air fan from FanU comes with a rechargeable battery, and a detached lanyard, making it easy to carry in your handbag, jacket, coat or pocket.

Hot flushes are associated with hormonal changes, and other causes such as stress. A recent study of menopausal women showed that hot flushes last, on average, for seven years. Yet many of them feel they need to grin and bear it. 

When it’s not possible to strip off and sip a glass of ice water, the FanU handheld fan is the ideal solution. The FanU is also available in Pink.

Product Code: FNU0001

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