Foot File - Pink



Hands-down, the best foot file we've ever tested; the Alida Foot File for hard skin and callouses leaves your feet feeling gloriously soft and smooth.

Dual-sided, with a course surface for removing hard and dead skin on the feet, and a finer surface for smoothing and polishing; the strong, durable surface of the Alida Foot File won’t tarnish or flake. The holes keep it clean and hygienic, allowing water to pass through. The extra wide, soft-touch, non-slip handle is also brilliant at reaching all areas –making hard skin on the feet noticeably softer and smoother.

Directions: Use the course surface to remove hard and dead skin and then biff with the finer surface.  Be careful not to over file and avoid skin with open wounds.  Do consult your podiatrists/doctor if you have any concerns with your feet ahead of using this product. 

What is the foot file made from?
This foot file is made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel.

What is the difference between the two sides?
The file is dual-sided with a coarse surface for removing hard and dead skin and a finer surface for smoothing and polishing.

How can I clean my file?
The holes in the file keep it clean and hygienic by allowing water to pass through.  Simply rinse under the tap and tap dry with a towel. 

How long is the foot file?
26cm in length (measured flat as product is curved)

Are you supposed to use on dry feet or wet feet?
This is a personal choice.  The foot file itself can be used either way. 

Can you use the foot file in the shower/bath?
You can use it both in and out of a shower/bath.

How often should I file my feet?
You should check, and care for, your feet regularly – including cutting and filing your toenails if needed. Schedule a regular time, 10 minutes, once a week is sufficient.

Product Code: ALD0001

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