Natural by Nature Bergamot Oil brings a multitude of benefits and can be used to help treat oily skin, acne, mouth ulcers, cold sores. It also makes for fantastic natural mosquito repellent and when used in aromatherapy, helps uplift and re-balance your mood.

Instantly recognisable, Bergamot Oil is used in the distinct flavouring of Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas, as well as in delicate confectionary like Turkish delight.

Used for a variety of ailments, Natural By Nature Bergamot Oil helps accelerate the healing of cold sores, mouth ulcers and herpes, fight fungal and bacterial infection – and alleviate acne. Within a cold compress, it may help cool the body down to lower a fever. In aromatherapy, it can uplift you – or prepare you for restful sleep. 

Bergamot Oil can be used directly into the bath or in-room diffusers. If used for massage, dilute it with a carrier oil such as Almond or Wheat Germ Oil.

100% Pure Bergamot oil

Caution: This essential oil phototoxic. Do not use before being exposed to strong UV light.

Product Code: NBN2960