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Sleep Tight capsules contain herbs and nutrients that are known to promote relaxation and aid restful sleep.

Good sleep is one of the most important aspects of health. A good night's sleep will help you feel more rested and energetic upon waking up whilst poor sleep quality may contribute to feeling fatigued, irritable and unable to concentrate. Yet most of us tend to treat sleep as a luxury sacrificing sleep to our demanding schedules.

Numerous studies indicate that sleep influences many aspects of our health including:

  • affecting our ability to keep blood sugar balanced
  • lowers our body's resistance to infection
  • poor sleep quality impacts our heart
  • ability to focus and concentrate.
  • energy and productivity during the day.

Sleep Tight capsules contain herbs and nutrients that are known to promote relaxation and aid restful sleep.

Sleep Tight capsules contain:
Magnolia - has potent anti-stress effects working to physically relax muscles and nerves as well as balance stress hormone levels in the body.
Oat Straw - contains compounds that may help with sleep induction.
Passionflower - has a long history of traditional use as a calming herb.
Ashwagandha - potent muscle relaxing properties, ashwagandha may also help to enhance energy levels during the day.
Tart Cherries - provide relaxing magnesium and are a rich source of naturally occuring melatonin - our sleep hormone.
Hops - known for their potent sedative properties
Theanine - may help stimulate the production of alpha waves which create a deep sense of relaxation.
Magnesium - muscle relaxing

Find out more about Sleep Tight in Shabir Daya's (Victoria Health's pharmacist) article Are You Getting Sufficient Sleep?

Dosage: Take two capsules one hour before bedtime.

Do not take if pregnant or whilst breastfeeding. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive whilst taking Sleep Tight. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages.

Serving size 2 capsules: Magnesium 30mg (from 200mg Magnesium Citrate), Oatstraw 500mg, Passion Flowers 300mg, Magnolia Bark P.E 250mg, Ashwagandha Root Extract 150mg, Tart Cherry 100mg, Hops Extract 100mg, L Theanine 50mg. Other ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin (capsule), Rice Flour, Silica, Alfalfa, Bilberry.

Product Code: WGN0003


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