Better You

Magnesium Oil Original Flakes


Suitable for Vegetarians


Add Magnesium Oil Flakes to your bath to create a healing home ritual that’s ideal for sensitive skin, children and those with psoriasis and eczema.  It also helps relieve stress, promote better sleep and ease achy muscles and joints.  

Magnesium Oil Original Flakes are the dry flakes of Magnesium Chloride and other naturally occurring trace minerals. Dissolve them in water to create a medicinal bath of cell-restoring Magnesium Chloride, which has been shown to improve skin hydration, accelerate wound healing, decrease inflammation and enhance the skin barrier. 

Ideal for children and those with sensitive skin, soaking in these bath flakes can also help heal psoriasis and eczema, as well as relieve the pain of achy muscles and joints, combat stress and send you off to sleep.   

Better You Magnesium Flakes are 100% natural and are suitable for those who are on vegan, vegetarian and coeliac diet, as well as those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Supplements should not replace a healthy diet and exercise. 

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Each pack of Magnesium Oil Original Flakes can be used for one to two baths or two to four footbaths. 

Magnesium Flakes contain only Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride hexahydrate MgCl2 6H2O).

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