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NutraTea offers a unique range of functional herbal tea blends that have been uniquely developed to harness the benefits of botanicals and herbs by leading pharmacists and nutritionists. All NUTRA teas are expertly formulated in the U.K. and manufactured by one of Europe’s leading tea houses, carrying ISO 9001 certification. The herbs and spices within each product are exclusively sourced from over 20 different countries, including Croatia, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Brazil.  
NutraTea herbal teas benefits are widespread, from promoting liver and kidney health to alleviating anxiety and stress, boosting energy levels, strengthening the immune system, maintaining normal bones and joints, and helping eyesight. All Nutra herbal tea bags are free from flavourings, oils, bulking agents, or random ingredients to fill out the tea bags; this ensures maximising the health benefits and providing a superior quality herbal tea.