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LIXIRSKIN is a mix of universal essentials for everyday skin needs and targeted night care for skin concerns. LIXIRSKIN skincare products offer an advanced yet relaxed approach to skin using the finest ingredients including the best-selling cult product Vitamin C Paste to help achieve a vibrant, luminous and smooth complexion from the first day of usage.

LIXIRSKIN’s Universal Good Skin Trio are three every day essentials for good skin and include Vitamin C Paste, Universal Emulsion and Electrogel Cleanser. These hard working products are suitable for all skin types whilst taking only a few minutes to use with no layering necessary.

There are three LIXIRSKIN Night Switch products for specific concerns for use at night when skin is in the repair mode. Night Switch serums can be mixed with Universal Emulsion which is also a serum base. Alternate between Night Switch PHA/AHA and Night Switch Retinol for ageing skin, and alternate between Night Switch BHA/AHA and Night Switch Retinol for problematic skin.