Good Skin Trio Mini Set

3 x 30-ml

Suitable for Vegetarians


LixirSkin Good Skin Trio Mini Set contains three absolute essentials for everyday skin needs, in a new mini format, so that you never find yourself without them. They are for all skin types, for young and older skin, for face, eye, neck to hands. They are hard-working formulae and multi-tasking to the max, they work together seamlessly whilst only taking a few minutes of your time with no layering required.

VITAMIN C PASTE: Vibrant, luminous and smooth complexion from day one. Day after day your skin is brighter, more even toned, firm and lifted.

Directions: Warm a pea size of paste in the palm of clean hands and apply to your face, eye contour, lips, neck and decolletage, massage with damp fingers, leave for a few minutes and rinse with a clean towel mitt.

ELECTROGEL CLEANSER: Dissolves make up, dirt and reaches inside the pores to deep cleanse. Contains a negatively charged Electrogel to attract toxins to detox urban skin. What you can see and what you can't see has gone, your skin is truly clean, glows from within and can switch to repair mode.

Directions: Apply generously with clean, damp hands to the face (including the eye area), neck and decolletage, massage for a minute, leave on for another minute and rinse with a clean towel mitt. You can also use as a mask, apply on dry skin and leave for three minutes.

UNIVERSAL EMULSION: For face, eye contour, lips, neck, decolletage, arms and hands. Your skin is dewy but not oily; velvety, smooth, firm, compact and plump when you touch, wrinkles appear less visible when you look.

Directions: Warm in the palm of your hand - be generous, and apply to your face, eye contour, lips, neck, decolletage, hands and arms. Massage until the skin feels sealed, you'll recognise the feeling.




See individual product pages on our website for each product's ingredient list.


Product Code: LXR0014


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