A cleanser is designed to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin. A good cleanser should be gentle, non-irritating and should not leave your skin feeling dry or tight. Cleaning your face with a face cleanser and removal of makeup will enhance skin luminosity. 

Types of cleansers include:
Foam Cleansers - suitable for combination to oily skin or for those who prefer light cleansing products, a light foaming cleanser will remove most types of make-up and soften your skin. 
Cream Cleansers & Lotions - suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin, cream cleansers often have a silky texture, remove most types of makeup though waterproof makeup may require a seperate makeup remover, and help moisturise skin. 
Oil-Based Cleansers - suitable for removing heavy makeup and often used as part of a double cleansing regimen. Oil-based cleansers are suitable for all skin types. 
Micellar Waters - a micellar water is often used with a cotton pad to remove makeup. Micellar waters are best rinsed off rather than left on skin.
Cleansing Wipes - face wipes are ideal if you wish to cleanse your skin without washing your face. Cleansing wipes are suitable for all skin types. 
Cleansing Balms - ideal for normal, dry, very dry and eczema-prone skin; a cleansing balm deeply moisturises your skin and is generally not suitable for acne-prone skin or oily skin.  



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