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Curcumin X4000

200 mg 180-Capsules

Suitable for Vegetarians


Curcumin X4000, a high potency curcumin supplement, delivers curcumin quickly into the bloodstream for all the above benefits. Curcumin X4000 capsules provides a potent strength of curcumin extract (200mg) from turmeric root.

Turmeric root contains potent antioxidants known as curcuminoids of which curcumin is the most potent and clinically evaluated compound. Curcumin x4000 provides curcumin in a readily absorbable form that the body can utilise.Each capsule of CurcuminX4000„¢ contains 200mg of highly effective Curcumin Phytosome, which in a recent study showed an increase in utilization up to 20-45X compared to ordinary Curcumin 95%.

Curcumin X4000 benefits:

  • helps healthy circulation
  • potent antioxidant
  • helps maintain healthy joints
  • powerful anti-inflammatory for muscle and joint pain
  • great for acne-prone skin due to its blood purifying properties
  • may help reduce high cholesterol levels
  • increases bile flow to breakdown fats

Dosage:Take three capsules of Curcumin x4000 daily.

Do not use Curcumin if you suffer from gallstones or a blocked bile duct, as it increases the production of bile acid. If you are taking Warfarin or other blood thinning medication, consult your doctor before taking Curcumin.

Each capsule contains: Meriva Curcumin extract 200mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cellulose and Water (Capsule shell)

Product Code: GHN0005


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