A. Vogel

Tormentil Complex


Suitable for Vegetarians


A.Vogel Tormentil Complex is a fresh herb combination of Tormentil (Potentilla tormentilla) and Avena sativa for managing the symptoms of irritable bowel and other gastrointestinal concerns.

The tannins found in Tormentil Complex tincture bind to the proteins of the mucous membranes of the gut producing a coat on the membrane surface which protects the exposed gut tissues from irritation. This has the ability to form a barrier against the most infective organisms and many toxins that cause the symptoms of IBS, Colitis, Diverticulitis and other gastrointestinal concerns including diarrhoea, normalising bowel movements and encouraging the healing of the cells of the gut.

Benefits of A.Vogel Tormentil Complex:

  • Helps maintain healthy lower bowel function
  • Contains Tormentil root and oat herb
  • Fresh herb extract

Dosage: Take 15-20 drops of Tormentil drops three times daily in water.


Side Effects: Not recommended whilst pregnant or breast feeding.


Contains the tinctures of: fresh Potentilla (Tormentil) root 75% and fresh Avena sativa* (Oats) aerial parts 25%. Alcohol content: 60% v/v.


Product Code: VOG0564

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