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Curcumin Ultra


Suitable for Vegetarians


Lamberts® Curcumin Ultra turmeric supplement 60 tablets is significantly better absorbed compared to standard curcumin supplements. Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant effects
Lamberts® Curcumin Ultra tablets contains a technically advanced turmeric extract that has been specially prepared to greatly increase its absorption from the digestive system. Each table contains a full 100mg of curcuminoids.

One established problem with curcumin is that it does not easily dissolve in water and it is this feature of the compound that is believed to significantly limit the amount that can be absorbed from our digestive systems. For this reason Lamberts have carefully selected a turmeric extract with ˜enhanced absorption

Lamberts® Curcumin Ultra contains CurcuWIN® which is manufactured utilising proprietary UltraSOL„¢ technology. This is a molecular dispersion process that enhances the bioavailability of poorly absorbed nutrients and increases water dispersibility of fat soluble ingredients such as curcumin.

Importantly, Curcumin Ultra provides the curcuminoids in the same profile as they are naturally found in turmeric.

Benefits of Curcumin Ultra turmeric extract:

  • A technically advanced turmeric extract
  • 46 times better absorbed compared to standard curcumin
  • Produced using a sophisticated molecular dispersion process
  • Provides a full 100mg of curcuminoids
  • The curcuminoids are in the same profile as they are naturally found in turmeric
  • One a day
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Free from Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soya, Eggs, Milk and milk products, Lactose, Nuts, Sulphites, Celery, Fish, Shellfish and Yeast.

Dosage: Take one tablet of Curcumin Ultra daily with a meal.

Side Effects: Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

Each tablet contains CurcuWIN 500mg providing Curcuminoids 100mg. Other ingredients: Bulking Agents: DiCalcium Phosphate, TriCalcium Phosphate and Povidine, Crosslinked Cellulose Gum, Antioxidant: Mixed Tocopherols, Anti-caking Agents: Magnesium Stearate & Silicon Dioxide, Glazing Agents: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose & Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Colours: Titanium Dioxide & Riboflavin, Polypropylene Glycol.

Product Code: LMB1633

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