Wholistic Organic Turmeric


Suitable for Vegetarians


Pukka Herbs Wholistic Turmeric, the main ingredient turmeric is a wonderful spice that should be used every day. It is a very useful remedy to help maintain healthy joints, circulation and skin. It directly inhibits the enzymes that cause inflammation in the body and can be used wherever there is pain; joints, shoulders and back. As it specifically increases circulation it is used when there are stiff or tense muscles. Human clinical trials have shown that Turmeric reduces cholesterol.

Turmeric has been used since ancient times for digestive problems such as gastritis and hyperacidity, a practice that is backed up by reports that it helps to increase mucous production and protects the stomach lining. Curcuminoids, in turmeric, also increase bile flow into the intestines, thus improving the breakdown of fats. Its antioxidant properties, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties render this herb to be "the most important herb" by numerous practitioners.

Benefits of Wholistic Turmeric:

  • Extract of turmeric that has a higher concentration of curcumin that regular turmeric
  • Curcumin can inhibit many molecules known to play major roles in inflammation.
  • Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body to fight free radicals
  • Helps tackle many of the factors that contribute to heart disease

Directions: Take one or two capsules daily.

Do not use when pregnant.

Turmeric root* 50%, Turmeric root wholistic extract* 40%, Long Pepper fruit* 5%, Nutrigest Seagreens Arctic fresh seaweed*, Ginger root*, Spirulina*, Vegetable cellulose capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose). * = Organic = Contains non organic anti-caking agent-silicon dioxide.

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