Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll 118 ml


Suitable for Vegetarians


World Organic's Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll, now available in a large size, is derived exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves. Chlorophyll is essential to the process of photosynthesis.... often called the "building block of life." Chlorophyll is a natural fat soluble nutrient which World Organic makes water dispersible for premier results.

Chlorophyll derived from alfalfa contains food state minerals as well as vitamins A, C, and E. It is a unique substance found in all plant life and is essential to photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is naturally fat soluble and provides antioxidant protection. It may also help reduce bad breath and body odour, and improve skin condition. It has been shown to improve the efficiency of oxygen absorption in blood cells and may help fight against certain carcinogens.

World Organic's Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll is uniquely formulated into their exclusive isotonic solution. This distinctive solution is similar in it's osmotic compatibility with human blood. Their formula has been sold around the world for nearly 40 years affirming to the high quality of this wonderful product.

Find out more about Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll in Shabir Daya's (Victoria Health's pharmacist) article Go Super Green With Chlorophyll.

Dosage: Take one dropper full (1ml) to 5 dropper fulls (5ml or teaspoon) daily in a glass of water or juice. Note a dropper full is one bulb squeeze fill, and only fills the dropper to about a third.

Caution: Chlorophyll is a natural green pigment that could stain. Handle with care. Shake Well Before Use. Refrigerate after opening.




Each ml contains: Chlorophyll (Sodium Copper Chlorophyllins) from Alfalfa leaves (Medicago sativa). Other ingredients Isotonic Water Solution, Organically grown Alfalfa Leaves in kosher vegetable glycerin. Preservative Free.


Product Code: WGN0013

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