Super Powders

Super Powders were created by Amy; a mum to young children, trying to navigate parenthood with her husband, while exhausted and both desperate for their kids to eat well. The idea came when simply discussing this with friends and family - almost everyone was experiencing some form of fussy eating and everyone wanted their kids to have just a bit more goodness...


Super Powders are super foods, made solely from plants, vegetables, fruits and seeds. These Superfoods powders contain ingredients from around the world, they are wholesome, suitable for all ages and ultimately come together to create the perfect family blends.


The fine powders blend seamlessly when mixed into foods and drinks so that children are none the wiser. The Invisible Veg Blend mixes unnoticed into sauces; the mixed seeds powder, Seed Squad, is virtually tasteless, and the Wonderchoc Chocolate Blend is designed to taste as such and mask the plant-based powers within. All it takes is a sprinkle; add one teaspoon of super powders to your family’s food and drink to release the nutritional power within, and the best part - even the pickiest palates won’t notice!