Slippery Elm Food - Malted


Suitable for Vegetarians


Thompsons Slippery Elm Food has been around for over 100 years. Early settlers in America quickly found out about its strengthening and nutritional properties from the Native American Indians.

For many people, milk, full of goodness, is difficult to digest, The proteins in milk can form into heavy clots in the stomach. Mix Slippery Elm with milk and a smooth mucilage is formed. This combination prevents unpleasant clots forming and makes a much more easily digestible drink.

Slippery Elm makes an excellent nourishing drink before going to sleep. It helps one to relax and wind down. Older people often have small appetites, yet they still need sound nutrition for normal health and strong immunity. Slippery Elm also works for those with delicate stomachs, colic, wind and boating, and is an ideal first food for children.

Pre-cooked wheaten flour (contains gluten), barley malt, powdered slippery elm bark and sugar.

Product Code: TMS0001

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