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Made from the Yacon root that’s indigenous to Peru and Bolivia, this Organic Yacon Syrup supports the growth of beneficial bacteria within the colon without having a significant effect on blood glucose levels. Ideal for those who want to support their gut health, alleviate constipation and support weight loss. Read more in Shabir’s article: Can Yacon Syrup Help You Lose Weight?

A close relative of the Jerusalem Artichoke, the Yacon root contains Fructo-oligosaccharides - a type of dietary sugar that the body does not metabolise. These indigestible carbohydrates support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon without a significant impact on blood glucose levels.

A fantastic alternative to artificial sweeteners, Yacon Syrup is packed full of prebiotics that support gut health, act as an anti-inflammatory, and help speed up metabolism. Working to lower levels of the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin, it helps reduce cravings and bulk stools to alleviate constipation. Yacon Syrup may also increase the absorption of essential minerals, like calcium, which could prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

According to a study in which 40 volunteers took one teaspoon of Yacon Syrup before each meal three times a day but did not change their dietary habits or workouts, nearly half reported weight loss of around five pounds in a short amount of time.

Of The Earth Superfoods Yacon Syrup is made through a proprietary low-temperature mechanical process without solvents or chemicals. It comes in a light amber-coloured syrup with a delicate, sweet floral flavour that does not have an after-taste associated with some natural sweeteners such as stevia.

Organic and 100% pure Yacon Syrup is free from Additives, Colourants, Flavours Or Additional Sweeteners.

Take one teaspoon or one tablespoon of Organic Traditions Yacon Syrup before or with each meal, depending upon your need.

100% Organically Grown Ingredient Yacon Syrup

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