Sugar Control

Controlling and balancing blood sugar is absolutely vital for our health and vitality. Aside from eating a healthy wholesome diet rich in low glycaemic fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein, you can maintain healthy sugar levels and prevent sugar cravings by including herbs and sugar control supplements.

Chromium is the most widely studied mineral for regulating sugar levels and is incorporated into many blood sugar control supplements often accompanied with B vitamins which enhance metabolism of sugars into energy.

How to control sugar cravings

An imbalance in blood sugar levels does not just cause sugar cravings leading to excess carbohydrate intake but excess blood sugar, if not burned for energy, results in weight gain and can have a major impact on our cardiovascular system.

People who consume a diet with high levels of sugar will invariably suffer from cravings for sugary foods, carbohydrate rich foods and often energy slumps.

There are number of vitamins and herbs that may help prevent sugar cravings. Consider taking chromium supplements for sugar control at a dose of between 50mcg and 200mcg daily. There are also a number of herbal teas for sugar control. Sugar control teas primarily contain cinnamon or fenugreek and may be beneficial as supportive products.



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