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Nutrof® Total is an eye vitamin supplement which contains zeaxanthin, lutein & omega 3's as recommended by the ARED's trial for the prevention of eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Your sight is one of your most important senses. Your eye uses a very delicate mechanism to ensure that vision is transmitted correctly to the brain. Like all delicate apparatus, it needs constant care and attention.

Nutrof Total is a once-a-day, easy to swallow capsule, and supplements to your eyes and body the essential vitamins required for strong eye health and your total body vitamin requirements. These include antioxidant vitamins, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Omega 3 fish oils, plus essential minerals. Nutrof® Total's unique formulation has been shown to help and protect your eye health.

Specially formulated to assist you in ensuring that you have the correct nutritional intake to maintain healthy eyes including Antioxidant Vitamins, Macular Pigments, Omega 3 fish oils plus essential Minerals and Resveratrol.

  • Once a day, easy to swallow capsule.
  • Suitable for smokers and non-smokers.
  • Continually updated to reflect the latest studies (including AREDS 2).

Our In-House Pharmacist, Shabir Daya has written an article on Nutrof Total:

Dosage: Take one capsule daily during a meal with some water.

Side Effects: None noted.

Daily Dose one capsule. Antioxidant vitamins and trace elements,Vitamin C 60mg,Vitamin E 10mg 83% Zinc 10mg, Copper 500ug, Selenium 25ug. Essential fatty acids. EPAX fish oil 330mg containing Omega 3: EPA (40%) and DHA (20%). Tagetes Erecta extract 65mg Containing Lutein 10mg, Zeaxanthin 2mg, Vitis Vinifera extract 5mg Containing Resveratrol 0.25mg. Capsule shell: Gelatin.

Product Code: STH0001

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