Incognito Insect Repellent


Suitable for Vegetarians


Incognito insect Repellent is a powerful DEET-free mosquito and insect repellent spray

Incognito Insect Repellent is a 100% natural, non greasy formulation with a fresh pleasant smell. Most of the ingredients have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of Asia to protect themselves from insects and the diseases they carry.

Incognito contains the maximum amount of citronella that can be used safely by humans, along with eucalyptus blended in a special way with alcohol. All of these combined actually make you 'invisible' to all small things that bite. The insects that need to feed off us cannot sense our kairomones so they literally fly-by!

Just as humans are attracted to each other's pheromones, insects are attracted to their hosts by kairomones - the kairomone mosquitoes are particularly attracted to is carbon dioxide. Others include lactic and carboxylic acids. All these kairomones are eliminated by the body in proportion to the rate of metabolism. Therefore the more active you are, the more attractive [a meal you are]! Kairomones can be detected by the female mosquito up to one kilometer away!

Incognito works by masking most of these kairomones, thus cloaking or camouflaging and protecting us like an invisibile cloak!

Aqua, menthanediol (PMD rich botanic oil), glyceryl citrate/lactate/linoleate/oleate, citronellol, cymbopogon martini oil,polyglyceryl-3 caprate, polyglyceryl-4 cocoate, glyceryl caprylate,cinnamomum camphora leaf oil*, citrus bergamia peel oil expressed*, xanthan gum, geraniol, linalool, limonene, farnesol, citral. Blended together in a unique secret process.

Product Code: ICG0001


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