Insect Repellents

Natural insect & mosquito repellents sprays, creams and moisturisers have usually one thing in common, they are DEET-free, reef-safe and are often suitable for children and sensitive skin. Natural insect repellents often exhibit a wide range of activity helping to repel flying insects including mosquitoes, wasps, bees & bugs.

DEET based insect repellents are thought to disturb the nervous system, muscle activity and the vapours may in some cases cause breathing difficulties.

Natural mosquito repellents are usually formulated with Citronella Oil or specific varieties of Eucalyptus. Modern DEET-free insect repellents are effective and have reduced need for frequent re-application helping natural repellents to become popular.

Although nobody can really explain why it should work, taking a relatively high dose of Vitamin B1 (500mg a day) can help prevent bites, both at home and on holiday.