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Hot Eye Compress



The Eye Mask® Hot Eye Compress is a Class 1 medical device to relax away the symptoms of:

  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Grittiness & Irritation
  • Inflamed, Red, Tired Eyes
  • Styes & Cysts
  • Blepharitis
  • MGD & Chalazion

Featuring a removable washable cover to ensure hygiene and no transference of bacteria as well as an adjustable comfort strap for personal comfort and personal pressure adjustment, The Eye Mask® is your ideal partner for easing various eye conditions and irritations. Your Eye Mask® also has a pouch for safe, clean, dry storage to preserve its life.

The Eye Mask® eye mask contains aspecial blend filling consisting of a unique mixture of different shapes & sizes of natural grains ensuring maximum contact with the affected areas. This combination gives the best heat retention which is necessary for an effective treatment.

The Eye Mask® treatment pack contains one compress with a removable cover and reusable storage bag, with full instructions for microwave use, oven use and wash care. The compress has an outer and a removable inner filled with a special blend of mixed UK natural grains. Please do not use if you are allergic to any natural grain. If you are a contact lens wearer please follow advice from your practitioner.


  • Hygenic removable washable cover
  • Adjustable comfort strap
  • Pouch for safe, clean, dry storage

Dimensions:260mm length X 90 mm width (actual product)

Product Code: TBD0001


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