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Eye Logic Eye Spray for Dry Eyes



Eye Logic Eye Spray, formerly Clarymist, is an eye spray which has been clinically proven to help treat dry eye syndrome and dry itchy eyes.

Eye Logic Eye Spray for Dry Eyes restores deficiencies in the lipid layer of the tear film through the revolutionary use of soy lecithin, held in suspension as tiny globules known as liposomes. Dry Eye Syndrome is caused mainly by excess tear evaporation. By getting straight to this root cause, Eye Logic Spray quickly alleviates uncomfortable symptoms and protects the body's natural tears from evaporation. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven with success rates in 78% of the cases. It has also been used to treat blepharitis due to its soothing properties.

Eye Logic Eye Spray can be used by contact lens wearers, does not cause any blurring of vision and can be used with eye make up. This liposomal eye spray delivers a fine mist to moisten, soothe and comfort the eye region.

Directions:Hold approximately 10cm away from closed eyes and spray 1-2 times on each closed eyelid.

Soy lecithin, Sodium Chloride,Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin E, Water for injection.

Product Code: SVT0001


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