Slimming Teas

Slimming teas or weight loss teas often contain a variety of herbs that may help to lose weight through a variety of mechanisms. The use of slimming teas in dieters has risen sharply with green tea being one of the most popular slimming tea used in weight loss programmes. 

Do slimming teas work?

Green tea, matcha tea and black tea may all help to enhance metabolism and hence stop excess fat deposition.

Some slimming teas work to suppress appetite, eliminate excess water from the body and increase metabolism. Teas that help with weight loss include:

Types of herbal slimming teas

Green tea is the most popular slimming tea in the world. It enhances calorie burning and provides numerous other benefits to the body.

Matcha tea is a variety of green tea with the maximum amount of catechins to boost calorie burning.

White tea is thought to suppress appetite and encourage fat burning.

Ginger tea helps digestion and so my aid in preventing weight gain.

Rooibos tea contains flavonoids that encourage leptin to help feel fuller and to prevent fat deposition.

The best time to drink slimming teas is usually an hour prior to exercise since caffeine and catechins may help speed up metabolism.