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Good Dragon Organic Pu'er Tea


Suitable for Vegetarians

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Good Dragon Organic Pu'er Tea to aid Digestion and Weightloss.

Hardly known outside Asia until now, Pu'er (or Puerh) has been greatly prized since the Tang Dynasty, over a thousand years ago. It is valued for its intriguing, full bodied, earthy, slightly sweet flavour, as well as its reputed health benefits.
Pu'er is particularly appreciated in China after a heavy meal and is known in the West as the ˜Slimmers' Tea

Pu™er grows in the Yunnan province, of South West China. It™s semi fermented, but even today the process is a closely kept secret, with outsiders permitted by law to witness only the final pressing into cakes.

The Pu™er cakes (large or small discs or bowl shapes), were considered so valuable that they were once used as currency, particularly for trading horses with the fierce tribes north of the Great Wall of China.

Directions: Allow freshly boiled water to cool a little. Infuse for 1-3 minutes, or according to taste.




Organically grown Pu'er tea


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