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10 Day Results 10 Day Downsize is designed to naturally & safely enhance metabolism, burn fats and increase energy levels quickly. When combined with a quality diet, it can help you reach your upper echelon of energy goals with a steady stream of energy, and a natural boost in metabolism without being overly stimulating. It also helps by gently cleansing the colon and balancing body water levels. It's great for men and women seeking a safe, natural, quick launch to their diet program helping to shed those few extra pounds without any side effects.

Downsize contains a Thermogenic Energy blend comprising of Green Tea which contains compounds shown to enhance fat metabolism. Guarana that contains active compounds that increase energy levels and burn fat and Cayenne Pepper to boost metabolism without over-stimulation. Cleanse & Burn Blend contains konjac, turkey rhubarb, aloe vera and other herbs to help maintain healthy metabolism as well as cleansing the colon. Water Balance Blend contains herbs that rid excess water without depleting the body of vital minerals that are important for metabolism such as iodine.

Benefits of 10 Day Downsize:

  • Gentle colon cleanse
  • Powerful appetite suppressant
  • Mild metabolism boost
  • Reducing excess body water

Directions: Take two capsules of downsize three times a daily. First time users can take one capsule three times a day to assess tolerance. Maintenance dose of one or two capsules daily for maintaining weight loss.

Do not use if sensitive to caffeine.

Serving size 2 capsules. Amount per serving: Magnesium (as magnesium hydroxide 60mg) Thermogenic Energy Blend: Green Tea Extract (45%), Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine) 230mg, Subatiamine (vitamin B1 analog) 67mg, Cayenne Pepper 40,000 HU 40MG. Cleanse and Burn Blend: Konjac Root 100mg, Cascara Sagrada 200mg, Aloe Vera Leaf 50mg, Turkey Rhubarb Root 40mg, Slippery Elm 20mg. Water Balance Blend: Marshmallow Root 20mg, Uva Ursi Extract 200mg, Dandelion Root 100 mg, Barberry 40mg, Juniper Berries 20mg, Bioperine 2mg.

Product Code: TDR0002


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