Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea Bags


Suitable for Vegetarians


A.Vogel Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea is a cleansing tea which helps support healthy kidney and bladder function.

A cleansing tea, this A. Vogel Golden Rod tea blend combines organically-grown and wildcrafted Golden Rod, Knotgrass, Birch Leaves, Horsetail and Wild Pansy – five herbs that are renowned for their positive effect on kidney and bladder function. Working gently, they may also help reduce fluid retention and improve urinary output.

Infuse Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea Bags within freshly boiled water. Take two cups daily as part of a detoxification programme, or one cup to correct fluid retention.

Golden Rod, Birch leaves, Knotgrass, Horsetail and Wild pansy.

Side Effects: Consult doctor if there is kidney damage or if kidney infection is suspected. Not recommended whilst pregnant or breast feeding.

Product Code: VOG0509

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