Dry Skin

Skin contains water and oils to keep it hydrated, supple and moisturised. Dry skin on the face often arises as a result of dehydration and the loss of moisturising natural oils found in skin whether due to harsh weather conditions or due to cleansing products. When the skin loses water, it begins to get dry, itchy and easily irritated.

Can vitamins prevent dry skin?

Vitamins are involved in hundreds of processes within the body including collagen manufacture as well as the manufacture of natural oils found in skin which keeps skin moisturised and supple. 

What vitamins to take for very dry skin?

There are a number of vitamins that may individually or collectively work to alleviate dry skin on the face. It may be that a deficiency of a particular vitamin may be responsible for the cause for dry skin; the vitamins listed below are known to help alleviate dry skin through a variety of mechanisms.

Take Omega 3 fish oil capsules which to help with the manufacture of natural oils found in between skin cells and for general health. For very dry skin, introduce Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil capsules which provides an essential fat that has been the subject of studies for all dry skin conditions.

For very dry, irritated and eczema-prone skin, take Skin Restoring Ceramides which help prevent dehydration and restore the natural oils within skin.

Vitamin C supplements may also prove to be useful since this vitamin enhances collagen production which prevents skin from losing moisture.

Vitamin E has been used for dry skin for decades in skincare creams and oils with good reason. The antioxidants in vitamin E prevent inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier function to prevent dehydration. Start by taking 200iu of vitamin E capsules and then gauge if you need a higher dose.

Do not ignore dry skin whether on the face or body as this can lead to inflammation, irritation and infections. You can treat dry skin on the face using the correct vitamins combined with moisturising skincare products.



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