Brain Vitamins

Brain vitamins and supplements for memory are available in different formats, from capsules and tablets to tinctures. These brain supplements help to support brain function as well as memory recall.

Certain vitamins, herbs and omega 3’s have been shown to slow or prevent memory loss, prevent mental fog, improve concentration and improve focus. You can increase your chances of keeping your brain healthy and sharp with the help of brain supplements and vitamins.

Supplements that help your memory include:

Magnesium: this important mineral is required for the optimal function of the nervous system including the nerves in the brain as well as for energy production.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo biloba supplements have a long history of usage for brain health and brain function and it is theorised that they oxygenate the body’s tissues effectively.

Fish Oils especially oily fish oils with higher levels of EPA and DHA are thought to reduce inflammation in the body which can contribute to mental fog whilst DHA is taken up by the brain tissues for the repair of the nervous system

Nootropics is the latest buzzword for any substance, chemical or natural, that improves brain function. Natural nootropic supplements for memory may include Ginkgo, Turmeric and Bacopa which traditionally are known to help concentration and memory whilst newer ones include patented extracts of mint and tomatoes as found in Limitless Plus.



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