Pain Relieving Sprays and Creams

Pain relieving creams, sprays and rubs help to provide relief from painful joints and muscles. Although all are designed to provide relief from pain, different products contain different ingredients.

Magnesium chloride is often found in pain relief sprays and this form works locally to relax muscles and nerves alleviating painful joints.

Capsaicin is the main ingredient in hot peppers and is one of the most effective topical painkillers. It is useful for joint pain, muscle pain, peripheral neuropathy and other types of nerve pain. Capsaicin creams usually warm the skin and sometimes can cause a slight burning sensation which improves with regular use.

Counterirritants such as menthol and camphor work to cool or warm the area distracting the mind from pain.

Whether you have a backache, knee pain, joint pain or muscle pain, pain relieving creams and sprays are a good option to use in conjunction with joint supplements.