Beat The Blues Pulse Point


Suitable for Vegetarians


ilapothecary Beat The Blues Pulse Point is a mood balancing blend of essential oils to boost your self esteem, ease frustration, revitalise your outlook and stimulate happiness.

Remedy No 27: For believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying.

Key Elements are Tuberose for opening your heart and uplifting the mind. Tuberose creates a lovely contradicting creamy and carnal sensuous scent that feels velvety and sings with passion. Geranium balances energy, stimulates happiness, nourishes creativity and eases frustration. It is used the world over in perfumes for its varied scented attributes call home in all sorts of ranges, from orange and citrusy to rose and minted. Clary Sage inspires, revitalises, boosts self esteem and mental strength. Woody, nutty and earth noted to ground and revive you. Petitgrain for releasing and self-accepting. An angelic fragrance, Petitgrain banishes negative energies. It protects against mental anguish, helps to release anger and to heal emotional wounds. It helps us ˜berather than ˜do It promotes higher levels of consciousness and is hence useful for those moments when you want to calm and clear the mind.

Directions: Roll as needed over pulse points on wrists and neck.

Product Code: ILA0015


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