Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil


Suitable for Vegetarians

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The mood-balancing blend of essential oils within Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil is designed to help inspire hope, self-esteem and relaxation, for those moments when you need a blissfully calm and clear mind. 

Known as Remedy No.27, Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil contains an essential blend of Clary Sage to revitalise, relax and restore your sense of fortitude, while boosting confidence and hope. It also helps to steady the hormonal system, helping to ease menstrual pain and symptoms related to IBS. With the addition of Petitgrain, it may help bolster self-acceptance and release anger and anguish, to promote higher levels of consciousness and a clearer, calmer mind. 

Ilapothecary Shower & Bath Oil is ideal for your morning shower but can be used any time. Gently massage and lather it over your entire body. Add a few pumps to your bath for an uplifting and balancing experience. After your shower or bath, rub on Beat The Blues Pulse Point and spray Beat The Blues Room Spray around you to complete the transformative experience. 

Product Code: ILA0014

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