Natures Answer

UT Answer - D Mannose & Cranberry


Suitable for Vegetarians


Modern science has discovered that D-Mannose acts as a decoy, attracting microbes away from the bladder wall, while cranberry decreases microbes from adhering to the bladder wall and urinary tract lining.

Cranberry has been used by traditional herbalists for centuries to help relieve urinary tract discomfort. Together, they act to support urinary tract health.

Nature's Answer delivers both these active ingredients in a delicious fast acting liquid formula which is further enhanced by Quick-Sorb for maximum absorption. This is a concentrated 3 day regime.

Dosage: Serving: One tablespoon (15ml) Usage: Day 1: 4 servings, Day 2: 2 servings,Day 3: 2 servings. May be mixed with water or food.

Side Effects: None noted.
D-Mannose, Cranberry Concentrate, vegetable glycerin, purified water, Quick Sorb (ginger,amla fruit, capsicum fruit).


Product Code: NAA2076