TermaBurn, a startup based in Philadelphia, has developed an innovative product for sunburn relief - TermaBurn's Organic Aloe Wrap for Sunburn Relief.  The technology behind TermaBurn aloe vera for sunburn is a patented formula that was originally designed to help cancer patients manage radiation burns. Since sunburns are essentially a low-grade radiation burn, it makes perfect sense to use this technology for sunburn relief.


The Aloe Wrap is a hydrogel dressing that contains Organic Aloe, Green Tea, and Vitamin E. Essentially, it is like an ACE bandage that is made of pliable and soothing aloe gel. Unlike traditional aloe gels that are sticky and evaporate after a few minutes, the sunburn relief is quick and fast acting. Place the Aloe Wrap on the skin for 20 to 60 minutes and can be removed with no residue left behind. The wrap is easy to use, and customers have reported that it instantly relieves sunburn pain, itching, and peeling. Even at room temperature, the wrap feels cool to the touch, providing immediate relief.