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Seatone Capsules



Potter's Seatone is the only Green Lipped Mussel Extract supplement to have over 30 years of independent scientific research to support its efficacy.

Seatone is obtained using a unique processing method which is completely natural, avoiding the use of solvents. This results in a highly active extract of green lipped mussels known as Biolane„¢. Every batch of Seatone is independently tested to ensure its high quality and activity.

Dosage:One capsule daily.

None unless allergic to shellfish

per 3 x 350mg capsules, Energy approx 4.2 kcal, Protein (amino acids) 420mg - 525mg, Carbohydrate 105mg - 315mg, Fats 105mg - 210mg, Cholesterol 0.1 - 0.2g

Product Code: HTC0670

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