PHA Plus Serum


Suitable for Vegetarians


Garden of Wisdom's PHA Plus Serum contains next -generation AHA's and Polyhydroxy Acids to help exfoliate, brighten, firm, hydrate and amplify the benefits of other anti-ageing products. Read Shabir’s article, ‘What are Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA's)?’ here.

PHA Plus Serum contains Polyhydroxy acids (PHA's), Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid, which have been shown to display significant anti-ageing benefits when applied topically to the skin. Due to their larger molecular size, PHA's offer gentler exfoliation when compared to AHA's, making them ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. 

Polyhydroxy Acids also protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and enhance collagen production to promote firmer skin. They also bring humectant properties, making them ideal for dry, dehydrated skin.

In addition, Phytic Acid derived from the hulls of seeds and rice helps treat ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, loss of skin elasticity and inflammation, while making the skin tone and texture more even overall. Gluconolactone specifically inhibits the enzyme elastase – the cause of sagging skin – to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PHA Plus Serum  improves skin clarity, targeting mottled pigmentation to freshen a dull, lifeless complexion. By strengthening the skin barrier function, it helps to keep out harmful chemicals and irritants and prevent dehydration. 

Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. PHA Plus Serum is cruelty free, suitable for lacto-ovo-vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians, but not for vegans. PHA Plus serum is free from Alcohol and Silicones. Serum bottles are made of PET and are 100% recyclable. pH range 3.7-3.9.

Use PHA Plus Serum morning and evening after cleansing skin and before other serums, except for Vitamin C Serum + Ferulic Acid, which should be used first. Always patch test first. 

Do not use on irritated skin and discontinue if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with warm water. If using in the day follow with an SPF. Do not use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

Distilled Water, Gluconolactone 8%, Sodium PCA, Propanediol (Zemea), Lactobionic Acid 2%, Panthenol-D, Phytic Acid 2%, Blue Mallow Flowers, Leucidal SF, Hyaluronic Acid

Product Code: GOW0019

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