Origine 8

Origine 8 Green Tea


Suitable for Vegetarians

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Origine 8 Green Tea has major benefits with its rich supply of catechins, health promoting and anti-oxidant properties.

Origine 8 Green Tea has amazing properties, and to enjoy them we need to absorb high enough levels of catechins into the blood stream, daily. This means that that drinking large amounts of good quality green tea, all day, every day or using a supplement with the same effect: but not all supplements are equal.

Origine 8 has been proven a good source of catechin in one daily capsule. Having 8 forms of catechins in a liposome delivery system means it delivers four times as many catechins to the body in a fast absorbing delivery system. Delivering as much benefit of 25 cups of tea directly into your blood stream.

The green tea used in the extract is grown on the Senteeko Tea Estate, in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Growing and harvesting all the way to the final extract is all done in one location. This ensures that strict and high levels of control exist on the product.

Benefits of Origine 8 Green Tea:

  • 8 types of catechins delivered to the blood stream and 12 times more bioavailable than regular green tea extract
  • Multiple health benefits and anti-oxidant properties
  • Fast absorption in one daily capsule
  • High quality control, from growing to final product

Our In-House pharmacist, Shabir Daya has written an article about Origine 8:

Directions: Consume 1 capsule in the morning. Suggested to increase water intake while using this supplement. Do not consume more than 1 capsule in a 24 hour period.

Dp not consume more than 1 capsule within 24 hours. Do not consume if taking Warfarin or are pregnant or breastfeeding. A detoxification of your system will occur, affecting everyone differently. This is a normal process but may cause discomfort. Do not take caffeine-containing products and ephedrine at the same time.

One vegetarian capsule contains: phytofare pheroid extract (150mg of phytofare green tea extract). Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule, long chain fatty acids, vitamin E.

Product Code: ORI0001


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