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Mrs White's Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts - A La Lavande



Draw out toxins, exfoliate your skin and de-stress amidst the aroma of Lavender. Mrs White’s Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts are perfect for a relaxing pre-bed ritual. 

English Sea Salt can help draw out toxins when added to your bath; or mix them with a little water in the palm of your hand and use as a gentle exfoliator to soften and smooth your skin. 

The scent of these salts has been updated to create a more modern interpretation of Lavender that is instantly recognisable. They contain essential oils from the finest Lavender crops – from the rolling hills of Provence, sun-drenched Spain, Italy and even home-grown English flowers.  

Dissolve Mrs White's bath salts in warm water in the bath. Relax and enjoy. 

Mrs White's Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts - La Lavande contains: English Sea Salt (Maris Sal) - essential oils as follows: Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) - Lavandin (lavandula hybrida abrial) -Patchouli (pogostemon patchouli) - Rose Geranium (pelargonium rosa) - Jasmine (jasminium grandiflorum).

Product Code: RWT0006


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