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Marshmallow (not to be confused with confectionery marshmallows) has long been used by herbalists to treat coughs, post nasal drip, sinus congestion and sore throats. Due to its high mucilage content, this plant is soothing to inflamed mucous membranes. Marshmallow is also used by herbalists to soothe chapped skin, chilblains (sores caused by exposure to cold), and minor wounds.
Mucilage, made up of large carbohydrate molecules, is thought to be the active constituent in marshmallow. This smooth, slippery substance is believed to soothe and protect irritated mucous membranes of the soft tissues.

Our In-house pharmacist has written an article about Marsmallow Capsules:

Dosage:One capsule three times a day in acute situtation for several days followed by one capsule daily. Alternatively, simply take one capsule daily.

Marshmallow is regarded as generally safe but diabetics should monitor glucose levels.
Each capsule contains Marshmallow root powder 500mg, Capsule shell (Gelatine)


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